Friday, April 06, 2007

So Damn Clever

It's what you would call a typical fanboy Pelican, it's a rainbow warrior, the pictures are horribly blurry and oversized. But, I see some good shapes there. it's bigger than a lot of them, it has shape and form working for it. The area around the tail is more than just some plates, and the nose isn't bad for this type of MOC. With the right colors, it could eactually be a decent start to an MOC. Then, when I was about to dismiss it for alll it's shortcomings, I noticed the "first aid kits" on the back wall. Two 1x2 bricks with cross, and red cross pieces in therer work so well for that. If this guy can get past the rainbow warrior stage and actually start being original, I see cool stuff in his future.

This as Brenden pointed out, is a WIP. But what a WIP.
The raised sections of hull, the bley mixing, and the color striping all suggest an excellent builder (the other two MOCs in his folder back the theory up) I can't wait to see this finished.

Speaking of things I want to be finished, or in this case, updated, Anthony Sava's Chaos Skies was a fun read, until it stopped. I understand real life getting in the way, but I still can't help but wish for an update.

And last but not least, well maybe it is least. Soren's "Other" folder. If you haven't looked through it before, do it now.
This is probably my favorite picture.

Musical Influence: Plain White Ts