Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Over It

So way back when, Nick Dean built a SHIP. Then he didn't take pictures. Then everyone rioted. Well, at least several folks were disapointed. So now he gives us pictures.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls (the MIB are back to protect the world) I give you the CMC-47 Kestrel!

I mostly love this for A) the shape. Sleek and streamlined, but with nice angles and corners. And B) the weapons. That turret up front is h0t. Also worth mention is Nick's new blog. Review'd. Hasn't been around long and he already has bashed SS, reveiwed the new Bond movie, and posted a MOC. Looks like a helthy start. It's also a trend now. Lukas started Builder's Block only to lose interest. Then v2 came along and he's going strong. Then I made Dez's Lego Blog, or something like that. And it failed. But of course, that one night, setbot uttered the imortal word "Snoikle" and I was inspired. Seven months and still running strong. Nick had BrickNick. But that never really took off. Review'd shows promise. The trick has been I think, to not just foucs on LEGO. We all post thoughts on music, games, cool websites, our lives in general, and occasionally plain 'ole bullcrap. But anyway, check out his SHIP, leave comments, start your own fanboy blog, start the first Snoikle fan-club, whatever.
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Parents Just Don't Understand

OMFG. It's been three whole days since I Snoikled! So my life has been on a up-n-down spree lately. On the upside, I finally got a computer I can play NFS Most Wanted on. Awesomeness.
I'd rant on about the downside of my life, but hey look. See that thing under the title? It mentions LEGO.
So without futher ado,here's some things I've seen lately.
Haha. I'm going about this post just like Lukas did on his last post. Talk about similar styles.

One of those ZAKU type things
A cool tractor.
A cool house thingy

NFSMW is a sweet game. I'm #14 on the blacklist currently. Anyone else played it?

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Thursday, November 23, 2006


An idea ripped off from Brothers Brick. Have a Happy Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Jack aka Here's Looking at you Jonesy

Last night jonesy said he was writing a post for his blog. Whether you believe that is up to you. However, in honor of this rare and lusterious event, I said I'd dedicate my next post to him.

There's several nice things I wanted to bring to your attention.
Such as this bus by a builder I almost had forgotten about. MasahiroYanagi.
He has some of the coolest MOCs ever.
Anyway, the reason I love this thing should be obvious. if not, go [insert jonesy/Soren insult here]

B-Shelf user Sajuuk (goes by the same name on CSF) first proved himself to be one of those troublesome newbies. He made nonsense posts, insulted a few poeple, mutated the laws of physics, ect.ect.
He's starting to fit in now. he's calmed down a bit and took some better pics of a fairly decent fighter.
It's not really all that amazing, but the shapes are nice, the details stand out and the size if farr from your standard size fighter.
I see this guy building some pretty cool stuff in the future.

The reason I had to blog was this castle.
So very cool. It's almost enough to make me break down and order enough grey to build castle again.

Ah yes, Soren's new mech. My main reason for loving it is the sheer amount of dk gray. God, how i miss that color.

Anything I missed? Didn't think so. If there was, Brenden, Tom, Lukas or Linus will get it I'm sure. ;-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Piano Man

Ah, another day, some more MOCs, another B-day. This time it's my little sister. She turned 13, amking all three of us teenagers. (poor mom) But anyway, we shall now begin what I like to call blogging.

Now you all remember Tim Gould. Of course you do. I blogged him last time. I used to think I had more free time than any of the active members of CSF. And yet, I haven't build in over a week, and he's putting out MOCs left and right. But his Pod was just way to much fun to pass up.
It reminds me a great deal of Soren's Ball. Yet there's enough difference that it's not a rip-off. The colors are this thing's main attraction. White, orange, black and trans light blue all come into play, with stunning results.
Of course, the main reason I blogged it was the secondary color.
Tim mentioned on CSF that he needs a dark background for such MOCs. Which is true.

Here's something Gil pointed out this morning. He thinks it looks like my stuff. Which, is also true.
I have to admit to liking it. I wish the owner had taken better pictures but then, black is a PITA to photograph.

izzo builds cool stuff on a regular basis, therefor, blogging his stuff just seems natural.

T-T-T-That's a-all folks!
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Angel of Harlem

Oh look, Moko built again. And being the good little blogger that I am, I had to blog it. HIs Walker mech is really tight.
It just flows together. The shape aren't as seperate as a lot of mechs,
I love the use of car fenders around the arm, and the cheese slopes as toes.
It shares a lot of the same design elements as his other mechs, but I think this one may be my favorite. Clean, tight, and actually quite poerful looking, this is definatly one of my favorite mechs yet.

And B-Shelf user BJ-123456 built a nice little mech
The weapons are the cool part really, I'm not so impressed by the rest of it. Needs another color for some highlights.

Lesse..... Ah yes, Moko also built this cute little flying machine thingy.
It's cool cause it look like it really could fly. Like helicoptor without the shell around the workings and the comfy seats. ;-)

And, god damn. What is this man's problem? He built this cool walker mech. I love the gun on the back. The legs look like they could stand to be beefed up some though.

Tim Gould returns to Snoikle with this little mech (what the hey? I wasn't planning on blogging a bunch of mechs today)
It's nice enough in it's own right. Black and tan work well together for once. The legs are nice and heavy set, makes it look like it could just kinda step on soilders.
Now I don't know if Tim always could build like this or if he's improved in leaps and bounds over the past year. Cause he's building some crazy cool stuff compared to the MOCs he put out at first.

I was planning on blogging some space ships this time around. Turns out there isn't really anything out there. Ah well, maybe next time.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Horvy returns to Snoikle with an update on an old MOC. Just some beautiful work on this little beaut.

Also blog worthy is Peter Reid's new Blacktron racer.
I don't claim to love the old space lines. I never got to play with one when I was young. (mostly my fault, I was a castle kid)
But I like this for different reasons. The shape is unusaul, the detailk nice. One thing that I noticed was the one lone stud on the tip of the wings. For some reason I like it. Unfortunatly we get no pics of the aft. So I can't really tell how the exhaust vents or headlights or whatever they are look. But overall, it's pretty cool.

I've been on a Temptations kick lately. My favorite of their songs include "My Girl" "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" and "Suagr Pie Honey Bunch"
I blame my dad for my love of said group. He has a bunch of their CDs.

On another Black History related note, If you haven't watched the movie Raisin in the Sun, you should. I mean it, go rent, buy, borrow or steal it. Whatever has to be done. Just watch it.

And now, I go to build, sort, and rearrange my room.

Ghost Riders in the Sky.

I've made my rounds the past two or three days. Checking up on other blogs.
And I'm starting to think the blogging world has come to a grinding halt.
Lukas is the only one who's updated, and even that wasn't about recent MOCs.
Have we not seen or built anything cool lately? Or is it that we're busy building?
Or am I just missing all the cool MOCs?
Just wondered.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday

Guess what today is? no, it's not Halloween. No, it's not Christmas. Independence Day was a while ago, and the new year hasn't started yet. It just so happens to be my birthday.
It's been a a heck of a day.
I got the awsomest pot back glazed from Ceramics today.
I'll post pictures later.
I'll letcha know what happened tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Man, last night I was sick. I felt like my back was broken, my head was gonna explode, and I was gonna throw-up. All at the same time. I think it may have just been exhaustion.
But anyway, I'm feeling much better this morning, and ready too jump back into blogging.
It's one heck of a day today. Life as it is is progressing as "usual" but it's super awesomely foggy outside. Most of it's burning off by now, but here's a pic too show you what it was like.
Ever had your foot fall asleep while you were blogging? didn't think so.

We start things off with izzo's Industrial-09. A very nice robot/mech. What I love about izzo's work is how clean everything always feels. I think it's partially the lighting and the photography.
I like the "eyes" on this. Half stud offsets work rather well. The wheels are other cool aspect of it. The big un in back counter-balances the four little up front nicely. The arms are pretty cool too.
It makes you wonder really, who izzo is.

B-Shelf user joe46410 built something for the Classic Castle Contest
A nice little fort used by the woodlanders. Cute little model.Link

Huh, I was sure there was something I wanted to mention this time around. Ah well.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shot Down in Flames

Fellow blogger Brenden built a micorscale cruiser that I liked enough to post again today.
The colors are nothing new. I don't think he has any colors aside from white red gray and black.
But I love the shape. The shape around the engine section is especially nice.
That weird candy-cane striped thing up front adds
The windows along the hull are cool, and the weapons are well done. I like the little wrench-turrets. And that big ole cannon up front. I ripped that off on a WIP of mine.
Oh yeah, that dk red stripe? =win. Good job mate.

Musical Influence: AC/DC

I Blame Lukas

It's his fault I blog so many mechs these days. But I wanted to point out this little beaut from B-Shelf user sugegasa. The guns are pretty cool and I like the use of those slopes for feet. Pretty nice little mech.

And hey look, Kyle Vrieze built another mech. Damn the man. This was gonna be a simple post.
Inspired by the game "Chrome Hounds" (the same game that inspired Nick's Longbow) this thing is so freaking awesome. I haven't had time to browse all the pics, but I can tell you right now my three favorite things about it. Colors, treads, gatling gun.
Check it out.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

From the builder of the Enola Gray, the Espoir de Lyons and one of my all time favorite fighters, the Rapier.
Comes another sweet little fighter, the Lightning. (awesome name) It's wonderfully swooshable, beautifully detailed, and and in general, just plain cool.
I like the the nose in particular. Those "cheese slopes" are proving more and more useful all the time.
Another thing I like is the cannon. Looks slightly leathal.
The lightning bolts on the wings are sweet. Just the right touch of color. (un-color maybe?)
Okay, I've raved about this thing long enough. On to something else.

Another yellow ship popped up over the past few days.
Mike Yoder returns as the "King of Micro" with his Destroyer class frigate. Mike is in a horrific situation at the moment.
He and his girlfriend moved away from their old city or something (no, that's not the worst part) and he has a limted amount of LEGO right now. Off-hand, I'd say he's doing pretty well with them.
Detail is hard to do on micro scale ships, but he pulls it off pretty well.
I love the bridge, and numerous weapons scattered across the ship. Nice work there.

And now, a little something I stole from fellow blogger Lukas
My First ever RLOSIDWTTA!!
squieu's ExOS-04
Memory's People's Fighter
B-Shelf user hiratetsu's cool train
Count's crabby Lobster type stuff
Man,it's a blast blogging along with guys like Lukas and Linus. Just to let you know guys. :-D

Musical Influence: The Beatles. (yeah, like you didn't know that)