Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sex Machine

Adrian Drake is probably best known around lego websies as "the guy who built that big SHIP"

He comes around again with a mind numbing awesome SHIP. This time an "Alt. History" airship.
The Thomas E. Dewey.
I could spend the next two hours pointing out all the amazing detail. Like the huge rotors, the sweet gun truuets and the awesome hangar bay. But instead I'll pick several things that I love.

One: the entire interior. So much detail. I don't have time to browse every picture there, but I can tell it's sweet.

Two: the bridge. Some of those tiles look a little too modern for this thing, but it works never the less.

Three: The pop-up net to slow down incoming aircraft. It recedes into the floor and everything!

Four: The engine room. A crazy amount of detail and greebles. Beautiful.

Five: The underside propellers. I missed seeing those in the WIP shots. Very cool.

Six: the stripes in the color scheme. It would be incredibly dull without really.

I also love the observation deck.

Musical Influence:In memory of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. May he R.I.P.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Chrismahanaramakwanzafestiholisolstice

Seasons Greetings everybody. I wanted to be cool and make a greetings picture like some other bloggers are doing, but this computer has no real image editing software, and we all know about my Mac. So without further ado: Happy Holidays, may you enjoy whatever holiday you choose to celebrate.

Haha, you thought I wasn't gonna point out any cool MOCs this time didja?
well, I am.
Peter Reid (Legoloverman on B-shelf) is the living proof that lego bots can be freaking awesome. And his backgrounds for the bots are always well liked. And now he gives us this tasty morsel.
reminds me a great deal of Mark Stafford's Mantis guship.
I love old dk gray. It's the color I miss the most out of all that changed.
This is an excellent example of greebling done right. They add to the ship, they look functional, and they aren't over-used.
The nose is my favotir part, it's so cool looking. And the Exo-Force sticker adds a certain touch to the craft. Very well done.

And alhough I don't usually blog SW MOCs. I liked this one enough to add it to my list.
Such a good example of what SW models could be. instead of say, this.
Nice use of tiles that came with the set, and the color is spot-on.

Now I'm not by any means a big fan of trains, but these were so nice I had to put

Returning to that christmas theme we were talking about this is a nice one.
And last but far from least, this beauty. Two words for this. Either: F***ing awesome. Or: I want.
TAke time to browse all of this foldr. It has sopme awesome stuff in it.
Title courtesy of Brickfrenzy aka Adrian Drake.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Major Props to some Peoples.

Well well well. I do seem to going crazy with this whol blogging thing. And there's less and less LEGO related news too.
I promise, that will change after the holidays. MOC production should be back up to normal, and I'll be busier (=less time to ramble)
But until then, bare with me.

I'd like to point out several people who make blogging so much fun.

Linus Bohman-Loyal reader since day 1. Or was it day 2?
Lukas WP-Great blogger, good builder, fun guy.
Andrew B-Awesome blogger, king of the fig making, and very nice.
Brenden Wilson-Inspired me to start blogging with his awesome blog.
Tom Buckland-pointed out Snoikle on his blog early on, making him awesome as well.

And of course, anyone who ever reads, and/or enjoys Snoikle. Thanks x infinity.

There are other people, but they shall remain unnamed as of now.

And new to the links list this week, Tom's Ramblings of the Obsessive, and Imperial Inspection.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Broadcasting Live from WPKX

In the morning news, our leading story is the new
TBB site.
Nice to see them moving on to bigger things. And make sure you update your link list fellow bloggers.

In other news, I continue my search for the Install disk for my iBook. (I'm getting so sick of PC)

For those of you who can stand it, Spike TV is running a Voyager marathon. Some almost decent Sci-Fi inspiration.

And a little RLOSIDWTTA
A cute little construction bot
nnenn's GalliardTX91
And something Brenden pointed out earlier.

More and more, I'm finding myself checking the train section on B-Shelf for MOCs. I think I'm over that whole "spacer's dislike of trains"

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Have No Name for This Post

Gosh, I hope fellow blogger Brenden is having fun clogging up B-Shelf with his old MOC folders. (I do understand, I've been trying to rearrange my folder s well) my frustration is aimed more at Brickshelf and it's do we put this? Lameness. Of course, it's free, so I won't complain.

First, we have this hay cart. Which uses those lever handles in a very original way.

Then, we go to this really cool Hover tank. My favorite part is probably the way those hatchs are used to get a striped effect.

Yes, izzo is a rather common Snoiklee (Snoikled person, Snoiklette, Snoiklababa doo?)
But this
mech was fun enough to get mentioned.
As for the rest of the new mechs he's putting out, I'd recomend several hours to browse his entire folder and revel in the splenor.

Speaking of mechs, I had to point this beauty out.\
It's a mech of Soren's with twist of orange.

And this was just way to cool not to point out. Blue, claws, and chrome wrapped into one. <3
That, and it has wheels.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's A Long Way to the Top.

Builder Mike Yoder decided that CSF is far to awesome to leave. And LEGO is way to much fun to give up.
So he's back to building.
Awesome shapes. Boxes seem to have been banished from his style.
Which, is a good thing. I also love that red stripe in the middle. Perfect touch of color.

And here's something that reminds me of Yoder's missile shuttle.
I love the stripes on the side, and the engines are pure sweetness.
The turret up top is pretty tight as well.

Also on my To Blog list;
jehkay's Landmate
izzo's Shield Boy
A folder of new (stolen?) mechs
BreadMan's Vig

SO I'm using a Windows (shudder) computer at the moment. Due to my Mac being on the fritz. Anyone know anything about fixing Macs? Every time I try to open a App. Iy starts to open it, then promtly quits it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey Diddle Diddle.

I have come to a conslusion. There are so many great MOCs out there, I need a blog to point out my favorites.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just a quick update for today. I'm too busy digging graves to be bothered with blogging. (no, I didn't murder anyone, we had a sheep die recently)

Cliff side View Via Brother's Brick
This thing was way to cool not to point out. Awesome looks, and nice details.

Also, anyone know what ship this is?
I swear I've been trying to build this exact same ship for several years now. Star Wars ship maybe?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Which is kinda what it feels like right now. I've been having moments where life just feels awesome. And times where it feels like dog crud. *sigh* I suppose that's pretty much normal for a teenager.

I suppose we want to talk about LEGO today dont we? I guess so.
I really like this one from Y-Bros-K (aka Big Daddy aka Nelson Yrizarry)
It just feels good. Y'know? the colors, the shape, and the look. It's tight to the extreme.

And here's a decent mecha
from B-Shelf user nnenn. The reason I pointed this out is the weapons. I didn't realize they're lego at first.
From the seperate pic, they appeared to be from an action figure or something.

Jerac's Samson is worth mentioning. I always love the way he makes red turn out in photos. People at CSF say it looks like the loader from Aliens. Which, I suppose, is true. I like it as it's own MOC however.

How cool is this? Scary spooky kinda.

On a humorus note, check out this folder. I don't know who made the faux Times, but it gave me a laugh. Something I need lots of these days. I've always been a fan of the subthemes. Lots of folks are against them, but it's little stuff like this that makes them fun.

Nano Medbot
nnenn's Micro Fighter
izzo's Twist Frame(?)
stenz's Winged Mecury>Ginger Bread HQ

Musical Influence: The Temptations.

RLOSIDWTTA is copyright Builder's Block and Lukas Inc. 2006 all rights reserved.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


B-shelf user Ara built a very nice corvette recently. Therefor, I blogged it.
First of all, it's red. in large amounts, red is awesome.
Second, it sports some beautiful details.
The way slopes, tiles, and studs are used together works well, giving the illusion, if not the effect, of a very rounded shape.
The engine section is the best part. And while the thrusters themselves aren't much to write home about, the area around them is tight to the tenth.
The interior is pretty nice, the floors aren't smooth, as with a lot of modern SHIPS. Which I like. Studs r00l.
And in case you couldn't guess, it's inspired by Adrian Drake's Bloodmoon. Very cool.

On a side note, there are a couple things I've been considering doing.
1: A "Best of 2006" series. MOCs that I really,really, liked that came up this year,
2: A "All Time Favorite MOCs" series. My all time favorites.
3: A voter based Best of 2006. Where you pick your favorite from a bunch that I'd pick.
Dunno, just some ideas I was kicking around.

On a PR related note, I have a question for you.
Where did you hear about/find Snoikle?
B) Brothers Brick
C) CS Chat
D) Random blog surfing

Musical Influence: U2

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Over It

So way back when, Nick Dean built a SHIP. Then he didn't take pictures. Then everyone rioted. Well, at least several folks were disapointed. So now he gives us pictures.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls (the MIB are back to protect the world) I give you the CMC-47 Kestrel!

I mostly love this for A) the shape. Sleek and streamlined, but with nice angles and corners. And B) the weapons. That turret up front is h0t. Also worth mention is Nick's new blog. Review'd. Hasn't been around long and he already has bashed SS, reveiwed the new Bond movie, and posted a MOC. Looks like a helthy start. It's also a trend now. Lukas started Builder's Block only to lose interest. Then v2 came along and he's going strong. Then I made Dez's Lego Blog, or something like that. And it failed. But of course, that one night, setbot uttered the imortal word "Snoikle" and I was inspired. Seven months and still running strong. Nick had BrickNick. But that never really took off. Review'd shows promise. The trick has been I think, to not just foucs on LEGO. We all post thoughts on music, games, cool websites, our lives in general, and occasionally plain 'ole bullcrap. But anyway, check out his SHIP, leave comments, start your own fanboy blog, start the first Snoikle fan-club, whatever.
Musical Influence: Ok Go

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Parents Just Don't Understand

OMFG. It's been three whole days since I Snoikled! So my life has been on a up-n-down spree lately. On the upside, I finally got a computer I can play NFS Most Wanted on. Awesomeness.
I'd rant on about the downside of my life, but hey look. See that thing under the title? It mentions LEGO.
So without futher ado,here's some things I've seen lately.
Haha. I'm going about this post just like Lukas did on his last post. Talk about similar styles.

One of those ZAKU type things
A cool tractor.
A cool house thingy

NFSMW is a sweet game. I'm #14 on the blacklist currently. Anyone else played it?

Musical Influence: Will Smith

Thursday, November 23, 2006


An idea ripped off from Brothers Brick. Have a Happy Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Jack aka Here's Looking at you Jonesy

Last night jonesy said he was writing a post for his blog. Whether you believe that is up to you. However, in honor of this rare and lusterious event, I said I'd dedicate my next post to him.

There's several nice things I wanted to bring to your attention.
Such as this bus by a builder I almost had forgotten about. MasahiroYanagi.
He has some of the coolest MOCs ever.
Anyway, the reason I love this thing should be obvious. if not, go [insert jonesy/Soren insult here]

B-Shelf user Sajuuk (goes by the same name on CSF) first proved himself to be one of those troublesome newbies. He made nonsense posts, insulted a few poeple, mutated the laws of physics, ect.ect.
He's starting to fit in now. he's calmed down a bit and took some better pics of a fairly decent fighter.
It's not really all that amazing, but the shapes are nice, the details stand out and the size if farr from your standard size fighter.
I see this guy building some pretty cool stuff in the future.

The reason I had to blog was this castle.
So very cool. It's almost enough to make me break down and order enough grey to build castle again.

Ah yes, Soren's new mech. My main reason for loving it is the sheer amount of dk gray. God, how i miss that color.

Anything I missed? Didn't think so. If there was, Brenden, Tom, Lukas or Linus will get it I'm sure. ;-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Piano Man

Ah, another day, some more MOCs, another B-day. This time it's my little sister. She turned 13, amking all three of us teenagers. (poor mom) But anyway, we shall now begin what I like to call blogging.

Now you all remember Tim Gould. Of course you do. I blogged him last time. I used to think I had more free time than any of the active members of CSF. And yet, I haven't build in over a week, and he's putting out MOCs left and right. But his Pod was just way to much fun to pass up.
It reminds me a great deal of Soren's Ball. Yet there's enough difference that it's not a rip-off. The colors are this thing's main attraction. White, orange, black and trans light blue all come into play, with stunning results.
Of course, the main reason I blogged it was the secondary color.
Tim mentioned on CSF that he needs a dark background for such MOCs. Which is true.

Here's something Gil pointed out this morning. He thinks it looks like my stuff. Which, is also true.
I have to admit to liking it. I wish the owner had taken better pictures but then, black is a PITA to photograph.

izzo builds cool stuff on a regular basis, therefor, blogging his stuff just seems natural.

T-T-T-That's a-all folks!
Musical Influence: Billy Joel

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Angel of Harlem

Oh look, Moko built again. And being the good little blogger that I am, I had to blog it. HIs Walker mech is really tight.
It just flows together. The shape aren't as seperate as a lot of mechs,
I love the use of car fenders around the arm, and the cheese slopes as toes.
It shares a lot of the same design elements as his other mechs, but I think this one may be my favorite. Clean, tight, and actually quite poerful looking, this is definatly one of my favorite mechs yet.

And B-Shelf user BJ-123456 built a nice little mech
The weapons are the cool part really, I'm not so impressed by the rest of it. Needs another color for some highlights.

Lesse..... Ah yes, Moko also built this cute little flying machine thingy.
It's cool cause it look like it really could fly. Like helicoptor without the shell around the workings and the comfy seats. ;-)

And, god damn. What is this man's problem? He built this cool walker mech. I love the gun on the back. The legs look like they could stand to be beefed up some though.

Tim Gould returns to Snoikle with this little mech (what the hey? I wasn't planning on blogging a bunch of mechs today)
It's nice enough in it's own right. Black and tan work well together for once. The legs are nice and heavy set, makes it look like it could just kinda step on soilders.
Now I don't know if Tim always could build like this or if he's improved in leaps and bounds over the past year. Cause he's building some crazy cool stuff compared to the MOCs he put out at first.

I was planning on blogging some space ships this time around. Turns out there isn't really anything out there. Ah well, maybe next time.

Musical Influence:U2

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Horvy returns to Snoikle with an update on an old MOC. Just some beautiful work on this little beaut.

Also blog worthy is Peter Reid's new Blacktron racer.
I don't claim to love the old space lines. I never got to play with one when I was young. (mostly my fault, I was a castle kid)
But I like this for different reasons. The shape is unusaul, the detailk nice. One thing that I noticed was the one lone stud on the tip of the wings. For some reason I like it. Unfortunatly we get no pics of the aft. So I can't really tell how the exhaust vents or headlights or whatever they are look. But overall, it's pretty cool.

I've been on a Temptations kick lately. My favorite of their songs include "My Girl" "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" and "Suagr Pie Honey Bunch"
I blame my dad for my love of said group. He has a bunch of their CDs.

On another Black History related note, If you haven't watched the movie Raisin in the Sun, you should. I mean it, go rent, buy, borrow or steal it. Whatever has to be done. Just watch it.

And now, I go to build, sort, and rearrange my room.

Ghost Riders in the Sky.

I've made my rounds the past two or three days. Checking up on other blogs.
And I'm starting to think the blogging world has come to a grinding halt.
Lukas is the only one who's updated, and even that wasn't about recent MOCs.
Have we not seen or built anything cool lately? Or is it that we're busy building?
Or am I just missing all the cool MOCs?
Just wondered.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday

Guess what today is? no, it's not Halloween. No, it's not Christmas. Independence Day was a while ago, and the new year hasn't started yet. It just so happens to be my birthday.
It's been a a heck of a day.
I got the awsomest pot back glazed from Ceramics today.
I'll post pictures later.
I'll letcha know what happened tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Musical Influence: Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Bright Eyes, Barney, and any other band that ever recorded a "Happy Birthday" song.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Man, last night I was sick. I felt like my back was broken, my head was gonna explode, and I was gonna throw-up. All at the same time. I think it may have just been exhaustion.
But anyway, I'm feeling much better this morning, and ready too jump back into blogging.
It's one heck of a day today. Life as it is is progressing as "usual" but it's super awesomely foggy outside. Most of it's burning off by now, but here's a pic too show you what it was like.
Ever had your foot fall asleep while you were blogging? didn't think so.

We start things off with izzo's Industrial-09. A very nice robot/mech. What I love about izzo's work is how clean everything always feels. I think it's partially the lighting and the photography.
I like the "eyes" on this. Half stud offsets work rather well. The wheels are other cool aspect of it. The big un in back counter-balances the four little up front nicely. The arms are pretty cool too.
It makes you wonder really, who izzo is.

B-Shelf user joe46410 built something for the Classic Castle Contest
A nice little fort used by the woodlanders. Cute little model.Link

Huh, I was sure there was something I wanted to mention this time around. Ah well.

Musical Influence: Will Smith

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shot Down in Flames

Fellow blogger Brenden built a micorscale cruiser that I liked enough to post again today.
The colors are nothing new. I don't think he has any colors aside from white red gray and black.
But I love the shape. The shape around the engine section is especially nice.
That weird candy-cane striped thing up front adds
The windows along the hull are cool, and the weapons are well done. I like the little wrench-turrets. And that big ole cannon up front. I ripped that off on a WIP of mine.
Oh yeah, that dk red stripe? =win. Good job mate.

Musical Influence: AC/DC

I Blame Lukas

It's his fault I blog so many mechs these days. But I wanted to point out this little beaut from B-Shelf user sugegasa. The guns are pretty cool and I like the use of those slopes for feet. Pretty nice little mech.

And hey look, Kyle Vrieze built another mech. Damn the man. This was gonna be a simple post.
Inspired by the game "Chrome Hounds" (the same game that inspired Nick's Longbow) this thing is so freaking awesome. I haven't had time to browse all the pics, but I can tell you right now my three favorite things about it. Colors, treads, gatling gun.
Check it out.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

From the builder of the Enola Gray, the Espoir de Lyons and one of my all time favorite fighters, the Rapier.
Comes another sweet little fighter, the Lightning. (awesome name) It's wonderfully swooshable, beautifully detailed, and and in general, just plain cool.
I like the the nose in particular. Those "cheese slopes" are proving more and more useful all the time.
Another thing I like is the cannon. Looks slightly leathal.
The lightning bolts on the wings are sweet. Just the right touch of color. (un-color maybe?)
Okay, I've raved about this thing long enough. On to something else.

Another yellow ship popped up over the past few days.
Mike Yoder returns as the "King of Micro" with his Destroyer class frigate. Mike is in a horrific situation at the moment.
He and his girlfriend moved away from their old city or something (no, that's not the worst part) and he has a limted amount of LEGO right now. Off-hand, I'd say he's doing pretty well with them.
Detail is hard to do on micro scale ships, but he pulls it off pretty well.
I love the bridge, and numerous weapons scattered across the ship. Nice work there.

And now, a little something I stole from fellow blogger Lukas
My First ever RLOSIDWTTA!!
squieu's ExOS-04
Memory's People's Fighter
B-Shelf user hiratetsu's cool train
Count's crabby Lobster type stuff
Man,it's a blast blogging along with guys like Lukas and Linus. Just to let you know guys. :-D

Musical Influence: The Beatles. (yeah, like you didn't know that)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snoikle is now on BB

Well. We did it. I guess *I* really did it. Snoikle is on Blogger Beta.
I'll probably change several things over the next few days. One thing I must figure out is the label system. Should I just steal Lukas'? make my own? abandon labels completly?what do you suggest?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's the first major holiday Snoikle has been around for (except July 4th, but I wasn't into Snoikle as much then) so here's are little Brothers Brick Halloween greetings! I was gonna shoot a little scene like this, but I found I don't really have a sigfig. Duke Buzznik barely represents ME. So anyway, Happy Halloween!

A Quick Question....

Which may not all that quick. Do any of you work with Blogger Beta? It sounds pretty cool, and I'm considering switching Snoikle over. The other question is, is that possible? or does anyone know how too switch? I'm totally lost on this one. Thanks in advance for any help. ;-)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today we start our blogging with a totally awesome little ship from FBTB member Fox Primus. The Habrok. Named after a hawk in Norse mytholegy.
My favorite part is defenitly the rusty-beat-up look it has. Right out of the SW universe.
The nose has a nice swooshy feeling, kinda out of place with parts of the ship, but it works.
I like the engine a great deal. The black on the back is nice, and the grey slope on the front work oh-so-well. I might have liked it better with a giant grill on the front though. I think would've been tight.
And of course, the fact that it's asymetrical is awesome.

Next we have Kyle Vrieze's latest "MOCs" they're both designs he ripped off from other builders. They work very well however.
Check out his two mechs and a cute widdle bike. I love those missile boxes. (courtesy of Dennis Coh) Link

Plus, a awesomely WTF?!? kind of MOC by Brickshelf user sugegasa

I really like this wheeled tank/mech thingy that B-Shelf user pratt built. It's simple, but I see a lot of work put into it. Nice.
My only real nit is the studs showing on the back of the legs/wheel pods. They would probably look better tiled.

Today's Musical Influence: Styx.
I also fell in love with the song "The Saints Are Coming" over the weekend. At first I thought it sucked. Now I think it's cool.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Crazy Train

Linus Bohman built an awesome little ship (again) HisGas Mask uses lots of shapes and greebles an-0o0 is that the Dulkes of Hazzard?? Ok, commercial break. The beautiful blend of treads and tires is amazing. The use of bley is barely noticable. Oh noes! are they gonna get awway from Roscoe? of course they are. Where's Daisy anyway? Oh. Right. Back to the reveiw. Orange is such a nice color. w00t! there's Daisy. Gosh, I get distracted easly don't I? So anyway. The nose is nicely done. Those radars dishes add something to the MOC. Another cool thing is the use of two oranges. Cool little touch. I can't get over the way those treads create shapes. Uber sweet. And now, I must go ogle Dai....I mean watch the Dukes of Hazzard.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I Want a New Duck

So much cool stuff has been posted in the past week.
First we have some MOCs (via Brother's Brick)
Dunechaser's H.M.A.S. Fearless.
Beautiful craft. The detail he put into it is awesome. Especially the tri-propeller, the gun made of rifles, and the gatling gun on the underside.
There's two other little craft that are equally cool. Take a gander

Soren's Gravity Such a cool mech. Of course, that's what Soren does best. Checkout the wheel pieces used in the arms, legs and pelvis. The head is also cool Very nice.

I don't know much about Gundam, but I know enough about LEGO to say this little guy is awesome. Peter Reid built a Crusader which features a sweet head, nice leg design, and a sweet lookin' rifle.

That's it for today. Keep checking back for more Snoikly goodness.

Today's Musical Influence: Weird Al

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spacey Floating Rock

Nelson Yrizarry, AKA Big Daddy, built a really cool floating rock. Such an awesome MOC. Combining the fun of floating rocks with the goodness that we like to call space.
Some people at CSF wondered how the polar bears that live there survive. Without food, it would be rather dificult.I like the idea of bears that send distress calls out, lure ships in close enough, and somehow have them crash on the rock. Then they just eat the pilots and they're good to go for a few more days.
But anyway, it's a fun MOC, from the canopy stuck in the top of the berg, to the black 1x1s used for ash or whatnot.
Very nice Mr.Yrizarry.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oct. Is National Pantsbots Month!!

So Arpy and I were discussing this in chat the other day. And It's "Official" October is National Pantsbot Month.
So go build one of these fun little bots today! Also, if you happen to have a Flickr account (if you don't, gosh you're behind the times) then tag them with something like "pantsbots" so we all can find them.
That is all.

There's a couple pics to get you started, now off you go.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spread the Word.

Since Snoikle is pretty much a Space MOC blog, I figured I better tell y'all that it seems space is returning. Spread the word boys and girls, spread the word.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh Where Oh Where Has Hawky Gone?

Well, I'm still around. I've just been busy lately (goshdarn life) So anyway, a quick update for y'all.

Ley Ward's awesome bannabot is worth mention.

A cool mech type thingie by B-Shelf user squieu. It's so freaking awesome, it makes me want to go build someething dk gray and white. Awesome. Of course, most mechs from japanese builders are. But we've been over that haven't we?

duh-duh-duh-duh..... *Hawk flips through his Big Book Of Blogging.

There was a big ole airship at NWBC apparently. Dunechaser has some pics in his Flickr photostream. Also, you can browse through abunch of other pics from NWBC, by searching Flickr for nwbc2006. Some awesome stuff there.

And last, but not least, Mark proves he's one lucky SOB. No, he didn't buy it. But he actually got to touch it!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hooked On A Feeling

Moko is a favorite among LEGO bloggers. Most likely due to the fact that he builds awesome stuff. His mechs are the stuff dreams are made of. (At least, if you're a Lego freak) I blogged his orange mech a couple weeks ago. So I like this new one from him. His Walker Mech is uber cool. The angles and shapes make it stand out from the dozens of other mechs that are posted every week. The feet are my favorite part oddly enough. (and no, I don't have a foot-fetish) They're very nicely done, I imagine they give this one some much needed stability. The gray tank strapped on the back adds the perfect amount of color, or non-color to it. I love those 3x3(?) radar dishes. I only have three in gray sadly. I'm am wondering how he managed to make that tank. technic half pin seems the only feasabile way to do it, and even that seems like it'd be un-stable. Maybe it IS unstable for that matter. The yellow and black warning tiles are used fairly well to add more color here. Details such as the technic half pin above the 1x1 round just make this a cool mech. Hmm.... I think I'll try my hand at a mech.

Oh yeah, there's more. Pssht, I knew that.
Nick Dean returns to Snoikle with his cargo carrier truck. The use of that silly cockpit piece is the driving force behind this MOC. It's use here is next to genuis. Even Soren said it's an cool MOC. We keep telling Nick to make the cargo section bigger. (I wanna see a 18-wheeler sized one of these) The rest of the truck is nice, the hover pad thingies are pretty cool.

Let's see...what else.... bshelf user izzo proves he's better than you with yet another mech.

I blog a train cause it's pretty.

And a cute little sig-fig tootin' speeder by JordanTN.

On a totally un-lego related note, Tom, Mark and I were marveling over Lockwasher's awesome ray-guns and stuff. Definitely worth five minutes of your time to browse through them.

And that wraps up one of Snoikle's longest posts ever.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Said Ornj r0cks Yer World, But Lime Green r0cks Yer Universe.

Bram built a beautiful concept car. And then he took pictures. And then he posted them. And then I saw them. And then I almost fainted.
Well, no, I didn't. But I might have. The Lime green is the awesomest part of this MOC. I love lime green.
The canopy is well here, looks very sporty. I also like the spoiler. Ah, three wheeled, dual exhaust, black and shiny super cars. Gotta love 'em.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Quick Update For Y'All

And as you may have noticed, Snoikle now looks different. I was getting tired of the last template and decided to try out some new ones. What do you think of this one?

Nelson Yrizarry (Y-Bros-K on BrickShelf) has built some awesome MOCs in the past. His PCS specter, Orge and Jin-Du fighter are all outstanding. But this may be one of his best works yet. The waterfall coming over the side is a concept I actually worked into a version of my ever changing FR. He of course, does it much nicer than I did. The bamboo adds a certain mystical feel to the MOC, dunno, it just feels cool. The little computer room is reminiscent of Ryan Wood's Shroom Rock. The more I browse through this folder, the deeper in love I fall with it. *sigh* I must now redo parts of my FR.

He also built a sweet little sailcraft to transport the owner of the FR around. Excellent use of the dino fin as a sail, and the coffin piece as the hull. This guy never ceases to amaze me.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Was Blogging Along One Day....

Linky BShelf user truedimensions built a cool micro-scale spaceship. The Leonov from the movie 2010 - The Year We Make Contact. Nice shapes and details on this. It looks so much like something NASA might build, although not, I'll guess, in the year 2010. So many angles are present. It keeps the ship from getting boring. The colors could use some tightening up, and the tiles get a kinda random pattern along the hull. Of course, I've built things suffering the same thing. And on we go...

Fellow blogger Lukas pointed this out as one of the things to be blogged on his blog. (yay blogs!) I like it. It conveys a certain sense of "OMFG WTF IS THAT?!?!" Nice use of those teeth pieces. Linky
And that concludes todays broadcasting. And now, back to your regular programming.

Monday, September 25, 2006

OMG! Monsters!!11!!1oneone

Mind-blowing awesome MOCs are a trademark of Mark Stafford I think. Cause this is surely a mind-blowing MOC.
The first thing you notice is the size, this thing is gianormous! (before you ask, no, it's not a word) The level of activity is amazing. Monsters bursting through the ground, people running in terror, Dr. Who watching ect. ect. Among my favorite details are the jeep with the gunner, the Doctor with the Taris (sp?) and the entrance to the mine shaft it's self. Beautiful work on the surrounding desert as well. Boulders and brush are abundant, the cliff is fairly passable. (Were it all dk gray he'd get bonus points) And there's the undead portion as well. Undead Native Americans coming to stop the explorers from disturbing the monsters. A little late methinks. The monsters deserve a note of appreciation, thee green one is my favorite. They both look so freaking scary! The big dk blue(?) one kinda looks like a Sarlaac. I would very much hate to one of those mercenaries.Eaten by a huge monster with fifty-bazillion teeth. *shudder* The plane and trucks are cool as well. Check out the detail he puts on just one of these things. So in conclusion, Mark proves he can build stuff no other mortal can come close to. Good job MArk, good job!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pinball Wizard
This one needs no review.
It's big.
It's white.
It's Canadian.

Also of note, are Tim Gould's Guges Landmate.

JP's X=Zorglumobile.

And TJ's little steamflyers.

You may have noticed I actually didn't review any of these MOCs. (if you didn't get your brain checked please ;-) )
I'm trying a new approach to blogging, pretty much review when i want to, just post pics when I'm to lazy.

Today's Musical Inffluence: The Who.