Monday, June 02, 2008

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step for Mankind....


Alien fauna and flora have always been of fascination to artists of one scope or another. There's just something alluring about the concept of a world that's different enough from Earth that you don't expect it, but similar enough that it's recognizable. That's the key to this sort of genre.
For example, if I showed you this picture, would you believe that it's an alien plant? Doubtful. It's got to retain some element of plant life.
That is what is so fun about Tim and Soren's work. We know it's supposed to be flora of some kind, but we realize it's not normal.
The second aspect of this theme is fact that we all know what the expectations of the 21st century were. Flying cars, laser guns, aliens walking amongst us, rocket ships to Venus, Mars and Pluto. The fact that we're still stuck here using fossil fuel powered automobiles and using primitive explosive weapons is a letdown to the imagination. Obviously the whole Space genre is a way to show what could have been, or could be, but this has a ring of nostalgia to it. What better way to make a theme popular?

On a side note, this could have been posted on YSAB, but I got nostalgic and decided to update this blog.
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