Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mini Space Cruiser

B-Shelf user 'Tornado' built this cute little spaceship. What's so cute about the little ship? I don't know.Maybe it's the shape, kinda back to the futurish. Maybe it's just cause it's red. I don't know. The whole craft uses a lot of SNOT, on the wings and tail mostly. The underside is bare, but that's the only nit I see with this ship.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Mulitiple MOC Post.

First off we have the first non-space MOC I've blogged. A cool little model of a camera by B-Shelf user arvo. I'm not sure what's so cool about it. It just struck me as a nice model.

Second, we have a micro 3vil cruiser built by B-Shelf user Turkguy19. (who goes by the same name on CSF) A nice ship with a suprising amount of detail. The weapons he made for this ship work well. And as is anything 3vil it has to have skulls! Several decently done ones I might add. It's not easy making convincing skulls.

And third, another Crysilon vessel made this time by Paul Kanter (FilmmakerPaul of CSF) The colors are, as is Crysilon standard, bright, obnoxious, loud,garish, and probably any other word that means painfully colorful. The pods used for the wings are my favorite part. They look perfect on this ship.

And there we have it. Snoikle's first Multiple MOC Post.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yeah....it's red

I have a strange thing for red. Almost every ship I've blogged has been red. Anyway, JPascal built this cool hover car type MOC. The construction is the coolest bit of SNOT I've seen in a while, making the bottom studless apperas to be the new thing around town. The striping on this thing is really cool. The red on the side makes it look kinda like a futuristic super-cool woody. I love red and black color schemes. (Maybe I'll actually build something using it one of these days.) And so, JP has proved he can out-build the majority of CSFers. Congrats, JPascal. :^)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nemo II Maurauder

Charlie Citrin, lego2000 on CSF, is an excellent mech builder. His latest mech is a beautiful piece of work. My favorite part has to be the colors. Blue and yellow is a great color scheme. And it really works well here. The weapons are another cool thing about this. Check out that super-cool shield, and the neat rifle. Nice work l2k.

Monday, June 12, 2006


not to toot my own horn, but I bilt a uber-c00l ship. It goes like three billion miles a second and is armed with lazer cannons. it's really cool.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gah, My Eyes!

Mark Stafford builds some of the coolest ships I've ever seen. His Micro-scale ships are all the rage on CSF. Or they were a couple weeks ago. But anyway, he has decided that space needs more color. And in horrific combonations too. Thus he built a Crysilon attack ship. These aliens apparently like bright colors. Lots of bright colors. The ship itsself is cool. I personally like the tail the best. Can't quite say why. I just do. The cockpit is cool, looks like the pilot has more visibilty than your average spaceman/alien. And there you have it. One MOC, one Snoikle post, and one very tired snoikler.