Friday, February 23, 2007

Hound dog

First, a little tidbit to wake y'all up. I really like the series of J5N "empolyees" this guy is doing.

And now, for our Featrue Presentation:
Linus Bohman has always been my favorite guy to blog. He always makes such fun stuff. Kinda like Ley, except he posts more. His new fighter is a good example of...uh..of... well, it's a good example of something. It looks really simple, and a bit boring, but it also features some nice shapes, and a cool cockpit.
maybe 4 out of 5 right there.

His second new MOC is the one I really like. Check out the freaky yellow-white goodness. It really looks scary with all the spikes and stuff thrown on. I'm awfaid. I really like how outlandish this thing is. Bohman has never been afraid to challenge convention a bit. Well done.

Musical Influence: Elvis.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I got to see the way-cool movie The Pursuit of Happyness the other day. I have to say, I'm impressed. Despite the PG-13 rating, there really wasn't much bad about it. I mean, it was almost literally rated PG-13 for "facts of life" It was really a nice story, told in a powerful way. Chris Gardner went from having $21 to his name, to closing a multi-million dollar deal in 2006. Awesomeness. Will Smith gets credit for a decent acting jo, really a change of pace for him. But it's his son who really shines here.
excellent acting. Lots of love in this movie.

What else is there to yammer about? Not really very much. I'll come up with something later.