Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kevoh (aka, Kevin Blocksidge) has built two little things (did I say little? silly me) that I found blog worthy.

The first one is a floating rock village. Which features some sweet details. The bridges, three in all, are among my favorite. The stone bridge on the big towerish building is cool. As is the hobo sitting underneath it. Also, the guy sitting fishing on a smaller rock. That's just awesome. There are also several small glider/helicoptor/things dotting the layout. The flags are a nice touch, I'm guessing that means the rocks always float in the same spot? The schoolhouse (at least, I think it's a schoolhouse) is a wonderful example of a non-boring building. Something I'll have to work on. So yeah, that awesome and all.

The second thing is a baloon. As exciting as that sounds, it really is cool. Dk red, as I may have mentioned before, is a wonderful color. So pretty.....*ahem* scuse me. Anyway, I like the wings a bunch, studs r00l. It's not quite as cool as the village. but I'd kill to be able to build like that. ;-) Well done Kevin, well done.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Been Weird Lately

Lately, I've noticed the quality of my posts is slipping. I'm not spending the time writing good MOC reviews. I think it was in a effort to make Snoikle popular, I've been posting a lot. However, quality over quantity is much in this case. I'm going to possibly cut back on the posting. And spend more time on atually thinking out what I like about an MOC. K, now that that's out of the way, onto the MOCs.

Dunechaser, the imfamous blogger, minifig expert, I'm sure he's something else. Built a little vignette. His description is "Jizou statues are representations of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in Japanese Buddhism. Guardians of children and travelers, Jizou line roads and mountain paths throughout the country. "
A little over my head in places, but I get the meaning.
This may actually make me go and do some research. (dangit, when even LEGO becomes educational what's left?) I'm loving the bamboo. Probably just cause I've always loved bamboo forests.
So anyway, go look at his MOC, research what's behin it, and have a 2 page report on my desk by thursday ;-)

Aaaannndd, let's see..........what else is out there......Ah yes, a cute little truck made by Andrew Horvatis(sp?) for the Young Spacer's Flickr Group First Blind Group MOC Study. *Hawkeye stops to catch his breath* I love this boy's work. As always it has excellent color cordination, and the detail is superb. Those wheels are awesome. I had the exact same idea a couple weeks ago. If only I had posted first *I* would be the genuis. Ah well. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is The Word Snoikle c0de?

Here we have a fighter by Mark Stafford, awesome shape, good parts usage, nice colors, and (no, no bonktron. I refuse to except it's existence) it looks swooshable. Mark just seems to be able to build these things without trouble. And Today's a bad blogging day.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Exclusive Interveiw With Teh Phil.

Before anyone else blogs it....before the folder was modded.......with an interveiw you'll see nowhere else....It's Snoikle!

#1 I hear this is a bounty hunter ship, does that mean it's set in the SW
No, it's not in any specific universe. I wanted to do something different than a fighter, which is what I usually end up building. This seemed like a good middleground between a fighter and a SHIP.

#2 Did you have any inspiration for this ship?
This is the concept I started with: . I never follow concept art to the letter, but use it for a general shape for me to begin with. I try to make the final design my own.

#3 How long did this take to build?
Between being lazy and frustrated with it, I built it over the period of a month or so.

#4 The ship has a really cool armored feel, were you going for something
like that?
Yeah, somewhat. It's meant to be a small freighter that was converted to a bounty hunter's ship—so hopefully it looks somewhat industrial and utilitarian. And hopefully some of the parts look after-market, since it's a converted ship.

#5 The spoiler on back, does it represent the modifications Bounty Hunters
make to their ships? like today's tuner?
I didn't consider that when building. It was originally going to be a ship cerebruminc modified for their hired hunter. But ci is a more high-end industry builder like Ferrari or Boeing—they would likely design something much more white and awesome from scratch. So I'm going to say yes, it is like today's tuner, because I think that's a great idea.

Actually, the spoiler is a throwback to Classic Space. I usually used something like it on my ships when I was a kid. It was more fun this way.

#6 I hear this is a kinda Classic Space style ship, is there a old set that
inspired it?
I'm glad it's reminiscent of Classic Space—that was partly my intention. I tried to keep the look old school by mixing old and new construction techniques. I have an idea for my next ship that will be somewhat old school as well.

I mostly wanted to have fun building something with actual play value instead of struggling to keep everything studless. I fall into that trap sometimes—Paul Baulch's comment on my SS-A Paladin has always stuck, "Maybe there's such a thing as too much SNOT?" SNOT is a great tool, but technique for technique's sake is hackery.

#7 Is there a reason you do those semi-cool photochop pictures?
Other than making my folders easily recognizable on Brickshelf, not really. L@@K, 1TZ M3!!!!!!!1!!

#8 I'm not seeing any weapons beside that flippin' big cannon. Did you
figure that was enough?
There's a small turret underneath the front end. I was going to add some more stuff, but didn't want to crowd it too much.

#9 Did you have fun making it?
Heh, just don't ask Gil Shaw if I did or not. It was fun to build something different. But I tend to get frustrated with my builds if they drag too long. This one dragged too long. By the time Fest rolled around I hated it.

#10 Do you read Snoikle? k, so that was unrelated ( I had to shamelessly
advertise somehow)
I've browsed it a couple times. For most things I like to get my news from blogs rather than "objective" sources. It's an interesting idea to get some builder comments along with their mocs.

Hawk: Well, thanks for the interveiw Phil, hope it wasn't too much trouble.

Phil: Thanks for having me.

Beautiful Day

The tiltle is actually fairly mis-leading. It's not very beautiful today at all. It's a rainy-cloudy-gloomy sort of day. Which i guess could be beautiful to some people. Anyway, bring on the clowns........

First up, a cool little police hover-car by B-Shelf user atamacher. It's pretty nice. The shape and detail are good. The colors are a bit splotchy. They could use some tightening up. I'm digging the back compartment, I can just imagine the officer saying "watch your head" as he crams them in there. The siren and tail light arrangments look good. seven out of ten stars to this one.
More pics here:

Secondly, a SHIP I should have blogged when it first came out a couple days ago. Biggest microscale ship we've seen since Paul's Lance of Athena. Nice shapes and detailing on this, plus it uses orange, which is an instant plus in my book.
It can be seen here:

Third up to bat, my CS Chat friend Jaster (AKA Matt) built a floating rock which he wanted me to Snoikle. (the sign of a good blog?) It's a pretty decent MOc. One thing other people have pointed out, is that the rock looks too small to hold the house. I don't really care that much. It's all fantasy anyway. The dock is a nice touch. Like a garage for your baloon thingy (which was also Snoikled)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ornj is Teh h0t.

I don't think I've ever Snoikled any of Moko's work. It's actually pretty amazing. Cause he builds awesome stuff very often. Like this here orange mech. The color is wonderful, but you have to know how to use it. The ankels and lower arms are my favorite part of this thing. And the drill. Chrome, when used right is a instant weiner. *Eherm* that is, winner. Beautiful combonation of techie bits and ornjy goodness.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Which Hawk Returns to His First Love.

I may build space. And blog space. And like space. But my first theme I liked was castle. So anyway, B-Shelf user Dandin built a diorama of a small keep and the surronding foliage. I'm liking the mixed gray used here. It adds to the "built of stone look" The detail really makes this stand out. The inside is also pretty cool. Sporting a kitchen, a barracks, (I think) a cellar, armory, bedroom and more. It also folds out for asy acess. A cool trick I'll use if I ever build castle again. There's a couple different animals around, including some sheep, a couple ducks, and a cow. (actually, I think that's all the animals.) I don't really no much about blogging castle, but I had to point this one out. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Steam Kumquat

A very cool MOC by CSF user Jaster. Hmm......I don't know his real name actually. But anyway, he made a little steam powered baloon that even jonesy, the king of steampunk, liked. I'm loving the ornj and the steam on the back, I'm also falling asleep as I type so this will be brief. Very cool, Matt, very cool.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hidden Weapons Freighter Shuttle Thingy

To quote....myself. "Oh my. I think I'm in love" A very, very, very, cool little shuttle. The color scheme sets the pace for this excellent vessle. The stripes work beautifully. It's all purty.

The second cool feature is the weapons. If you first look at it you'll say "what weapons?" Ah, I say. The hidden weapons that pop out all over the ship.
It appears that this little shuttle is really a gunboat! missiles, missiles,and more cannons. Oh so, loverly this ship is. Very cool.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Teh EB Mastah Bilds

What's this you say? Another post, two seconds after his last one? Yeah, I'll admit. I should have checked CSF MOC forum before blogging Linus's ship. I could have donee one big Multiple MOC post. But....I didn't. So anyway, here are several MOCs I felt deserved to be Snoikled.

First up, Lenny's Floating Rock Mushroom house thingy.
A awesome litte house on a FR. It has a, dare I say, magical feel to it. I love the little boat that goes with it. Superb.
Second, Teh EBKA Nadezhda Battlecruiser. An awesome space submarine if there ever was one. Detail is amazingly abundant for a ship that looks smooth at first glance. The weapons are nice, perfect EB look. And the interior. That's what makes it stand out. Take the time to look through all the pics and marvel at all the details he crammed in there. Andof course, the fact that it's red doesn't hurt it a bit. ;-)

The Return of Eddie.

w00t. Linus Bohman officially takes back first place with his third Snoikled MOC. A funny little "Pimped Ship" for the Floating Head Eddie. Make sure to read the storyt behind this one on MOCpages. The ship it's self is pretty cool. A concept Linus had worked on before comes into play in making this one. I have to admit to be confoozeled to what the engines are. Intakes in the front thrusters in back? So anyway, I just had to blog this Linus could be in first place again. In the immortal words of Bug Bunny "Ain't I a stinkah?"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ornj Rocks Your World

Or it should at least. I'm a little late on this but seeing as Tom McDonald is the man who is partly responsible for the creation of Snoikle, I figured I better blog his latest MOC. First off, it's orange. Secondly it has a cool shape, not quite conforming to standard shapes. The dk gray and white is worked in beautifully. And the way all the minifigs are crammed inside is pretty neat. The engines are my only nit. Actually kinda lame IMHO. But that's just me. Now, this would be a longer post, ranting on about how cool this sucker is, but It's not even 8:00 yet. So I'm not quite at the top of my Snoikling snoikleness.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Federation Advance Fighter.

I can't belive I've never snoikled any of Brenden Wilson's work. The lad's a excellent builder. He builds Micro-scale and fighters with beauty? goodness? I'm not so hot on the whole "think up the right word" thing today. But anyway. I really like his latest MOC (or it wouldn't be here, would it?) The shape is nice. Following in the footsteps of his Verasio bomber. It sports a nifty wing design, some awesome greeblies, and a cool little decal on the side. And since I'm busy, the rest you'll have to find out for yourself.:-)

Friday, August 04, 2006

zOMG! Two posts in ONE day?

That's right. I saw this and knew instanly that it must be Snoikled. I love love love this one. The colors are the best part. Dk gray, white and (w00t!) dk red. A winning combonation to say the least. The weapons are nice, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.......And oh yeah, the cockpit. A+ for this one. So now we have a funky four-way-tie-that's-losing-it's-fun. So one of youse guys go build something cool. Or at least Snoikle worthy! ;-)

Dragon Bomber

We now have a three-way tie for first place. Turkguy19 has built a sweet little fighter craft thing-a-mabobber. The colors are the best part. (I'm definetly a red addict) nice smooth, clean feel to this one. The weapons are tight. The fin is another thingI like. Fins can add to a MOC when used right. This one most certainly does. The shape when viewed from the front is probably my favorite thing about this. So cool. I'm not gonna spend a hour going on about it. I'll just let YOU decide how cool it is.