Friday, January 19, 2007

What do We Call This Post?

Lukas, Chuck and I are on Moyblik now.
Builder's Block comes to a halt, while Snoikle slows down a far pace.
I do want to keep updating from time to time, but it won't be nearly as much as I used to.
I still wanna make it to 100 posts and/or one year.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tis All the Rage Y'See.

Since Lukas started it, Brenden followed, and Linus is gonna follow, I figure I'll do my list.

Best Micro-Scale: Gotta agree with Brenden on this. Mike Yoder win hands down.
It's not so much quantity over quality, but the quailty of the quantity. Still with me? drat. Guess the list will get longer then.
Honorable Mentions: Spook. Soren

Best Mecha: Moko.
It could have gone to Soren,izzo,Kyle Vrieze,or any number of other builders out there. But I like his syle the best.
Honorable Mentions: Chuck and Soren,izzo,nnenn, and so forth.

Best Creative Space: Linus Bohman
He always has some sweet piece of coolness to share with the community, and he's always willing to share. So if I haven't already said it, thanks Linus!
Honorable Mentions: Ley Ward, Citrin

Best Non-Real Space: Tim Gould.
I didn' much like his work, or his attitude, when he first came to CSF, but between his growth as a builder, and me learning a thing about renders, I've learned it doesn't have to be real to be cool.
Honorable Mentions:none.

Best SHIP: Kyle Vrieze.
There really are too many good SHIPS out there. I can't pick the best. But I've always loved Kyle's Kitsune. (Well, at least ever since he posted it.)
Honorable Mentions:Ugh. I ain't even gonna try.

Best Diorama: Keith Goldman We all saw that one coming, right?

And uh, I saw some folks doing "Best Space" pshh. That's crazy talk. There's way to much cool space out there for there to be a "best"
So there ya have it. A lit that I'm sure would be different if I did it a week from now. Keep on spacin,castling,towning, training,(heh, I made a funny) and all that jazz.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Freaking Love Ice

Ice is every driver's worst enemy. And yet, I love it today. Yesterday, my sister and I went sledding down the dead end part of our street. Man, that was fun.

So anyway, on to the world of Lego and blogging. Now there's something brewing behind the scenes of this and one as-of-yet unnamed blog. All will be revealed in time. (heheh, I've always wanted to say that) But until then, I'll just have to point out several MOCs that I like.

Spook's micro-ship
Lovely use of color and detail. One of the hottest ships I've seen in a while.

Citrin's Zion Icarus
Nice greeblie vibe coming from it. I love the use of the grappeling hook on the engine.

B-Shelf user greyfang's Bootlegger By far, my favorite of the bunch. Check it out, the profile reminds me a great deal of Dan J's Venom. And the shapes and use of color is well done. I want to build something like this now. It even has a checkerboard pattern up top. What's not to love? ;-)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Streampunk and Alt. History

Well what a delightful load of ice Moher Nature decided to drop on us this weekend. I'm actually not complaining. For, sledding, this stuff is da bomb. Just beware of really big hills. You're likly to loose an arm.
So there are two MOCs I wantedd to point out, and blabber about today.
The first is jonesy's steam-powered tank.
An excellent example of steampunky goddness.
The main thing I admire on this is the way everything falls together. It has a flow so to speak. Each piece in it's place.
And the setting he gives us, crushing a field of pink flowers? it's enough to make one weep for joy. Not that flower crushing is a good thing. It's just sort of that it repesents wither how much death is really wrapped up in this chunk of metal, or how twisted jonesy really is. (personally, I'll opt for the latter)
Very well done.

The second MOC is a nice little plane made by CSF member Porschecm2.
The plane it's self could never get off the ground with just the propellers. It looks way to heavt and has wings. But. It looks cool. If you're willing to throw aside any problems with the whole fyling thing, it rocks pretty hard. I like the engine pods in particular. Oh, and it's red. So you know it's good.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold Sweat

Been a good week for MOCs. (I swear I've sid that before...)
But really, I'm just gonna be lazy.
Ace of Spades III
Planet Hopper
Falling Star Dio
Totally awesome knight mech. (I've always loved knightsin *ahem* shining amrmor.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Well, it's been a fun weekend. My bestest best friend spent the weekend at my house, and we got to hike around in th woods, and build a little log cabin.

And in the past week or so, some amzing MOCs have surfaced.

Orange is always fun to see when used right. And Big X's latest MOC uses it right.
The scale is the first thing you notice. Most fighters are much smaller, to the point of being way to small to fit all the rewuired equipment.
The color scheme is nice, although truth be told I'm a bit miffed at the old dk grey used. It works to a point I suppose. The greebs are the best part. The engine is just short of total h0tness. The intakes on the side, the binoculars set into the hull, and the cannons are all excellent.

Next, we bring you a sweet little serving of goodness, courtesy pf Andrew Horvatits. Nice shape, and decent detail. Although aparently, it has no interior. Pretty nice.
There are more, but I'm not feeling so hot, so you'll hafta find them yourself, or with thehelp of TBB. ;-)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

This post will pretty much just be a RLOSIDWTTA, and a bit of rambling.
Long time MOC builder, and first time Snoiklee Dan Sibley built a pretty nice mech
Paul Brasington, who we all no and some of us love, built a truly artfulAPC I really gotta keep up with his work. He builds some freakish awesome stuff.
What Snoikle post would be complete without an izzo MOC?
Lime green r0cks so hard. Damn, I need more of it.
Here's one that I like especially. The color scheme would be hard to pull off the right way. All black with yellow and white missiles/highlights.
I must admit to be scared by the crotch gun however.

And I dunno how old this one is, but I find it to be freakishly sweet. I have to try that DA torso with red arms and legs now :-o.

And in the non-lego world (yes, there is a world outside of LEGO) I got to see the moive Back to the Future.
Ah, such an awesome movie. I gotta see the next two now. I also am on assignment from my mom to watch at least the first Rocky movie. Before seeing the new one.

Musical Influence: James Brown.