Monday, October 15, 2007

Check this out . Izzo not only wins at mecha, space and lego in general, he now wins at life.
The moving sidewalk is so uber cool. My ceramics teacher would love this. He took a common piece of (AFOL) culture, and modified it. Uber sweet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Been A While

Like I told Lukas, school is being a bitch. That and there's this girl...... But still, I found time to waste, (I should be doing Comp II homework) by writing up a post for y'all.
Certainly not the most impressive bot I've ever seen, but hey, it has ornj on it mkay?
Speaking of orange.....not bad
So while I dig up the two or three other things I wanted to show you, I will now amaze you with a fact we have been anxiously awaiting. My best friend in the almost whole wide world (with two exceptions) returns from California tomorrow. This makes me all kinds of excited. All worked into a frenzy being happy for me? good. On to the laygoes.
Here's one of the things I noticed a while ago. Decent build, nice color and excllent photography.

And last but not least, this little gem. Spawned by FBTB. Who would have guessed?
Holy crap, she's coming back tomorrow. I may just hyperventilate from exceitment. :-D

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blame it on the Boogie

CSF user Nannan Z bring's us an excellent MOC called the Guilty Light. Wonderful form, color and detail. I really like the engine. Extra points there.
The whole ships is supposed to be based on a BFG type photon cannon. And apparently, it shoots those annoying Barnacle spheres out at you. Playability +1.

Musical Influence: Jackson 5

Monday, August 13, 2007


Can you say clever parts usage? Excellent use of those cannon bolts. I've been messing with the cannons themselves, but I never tried anything with the bolts.

Peter Morris gives us this nifty MOC. I always enjoy his use of color, it breaks every rule in the book, but works so well. His work reminds me a bit of Dan Sibley's. Although Dan ususally controls his colors a bit more. More and more lately, I've been enjoying MOCs that break "The Rules" and still exceed at being awesome.

Musical Influence: Will "Big Willie" Smith

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Speaking Of Micro....

Nick pulls out a couple cool little ships.
Arpy also makes some cool models.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Uber-cool builder nnenn brings us this tiny little ship, proving his title as King O' the Micro
The scale it's built on is impressive, hard to make something that size look that good. The coolest thing about this MOC however, is this

How cool is that? a little rover/tank/SUV thing deploys out.

If nnenn is the king, then Andrew (aka Wintermute aka onosendai2600) Is pretty much the Duke of micro. Check out his latest, a station for all his little ships to dock at.

I'll make no claims as too where Moyblik and Snoikle are going. For now, I'm just postign on Snoikle cause it rocks yer socks.
Musical Inspiration: David Bowie

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reviewing Masoko Tanga

One of the fo sure bestest lego blogs out there claims the title "Masoko Tanga" Run by Brenden Wilson and coauthor Tom Buckland, it's always one of the best reads out on the intertubes. While Moyblik and Brother's Brick provide you with the newest MOCs and LEGO news, they give you little besides eye-candy. Masoko Tanga goes ABCD. A typical post is a page and a half or so long, usually going over three of four MOCs. While Brenden covers the microscale side of things, (he's been building microscale forever) Tom tends to take care of the minifig scale stuff. One of the best things I've found is trying to guess who wrote the post before you get to the end.
I believe Brenden does most of the graphics for the blog, which are all very eye -catching. The biggest flaw I find with MT is it's lack of frequent updates. We usually have to go about a week and a half between posts, if not longer. However, given the quailty of said posts, this Snoikler is more than willing to let that little glitch slide.
With more style than almost any blog I subscribe to, I found it's always an enjoyable read, giving you a look at some of the better MOCs around, the authors thoughts on trends or fads in the AFOL Online Community, or sometimes even a witty look into different aspects of life. I for one will continue to read Masoko Tanga for a long time to come.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100 Posts!

Moyblik and Snoikle hit their 100 post marks at about the same time. Excellent.
For this post, the number one thing I want to point out is this. It all started when I got an interview with Mr. Wood, about his latest 3vil MOC. Tom promised he'd steal the interview idea, and boy did he make good on his promise. Excellent interview Tom.
So 100 posts. That means a lot really, granted, quite a few were quick MOC updates, but it still took a lot of concentration to keep this thing running. And I plan on keeping it running. I've got several ideas for new posts, one or two might even make it into production. While I have you here, I'll point out a couple MOCs that surfaced recently.

Mike Yoder starts to build for Da Block
The front is the most interesting part. It's not quite symetrical, the greebs are well done, but not over exposed. I love that big cannon. Nice technique.

What Snoikle post would be complete without an izzo MOC? Beautiful work on the feet and rifle.

So I'll be around, I may even update once or twice in the next century. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 06, 2007

So Damn Clever

It's what you would call a typical fanboy Pelican, it's a rainbow warrior, the pictures are horribly blurry and oversized. But, I see some good shapes there. it's bigger than a lot of them, it has shape and form working for it. The area around the tail is more than just some plates, and the nose isn't bad for this type of MOC. With the right colors, it could eactually be a decent start to an MOC. Then, when I was about to dismiss it for alll it's shortcomings, I noticed the "first aid kits" on the back wall. Two 1x2 bricks with cross, and red cross pieces in therer work so well for that. If this guy can get past the rainbow warrior stage and actually start being original, I see cool stuff in his future.

This as Brenden pointed out, is a WIP. But what a WIP.
The raised sections of hull, the bley mixing, and the color striping all suggest an excellent builder (the other two MOCs in his folder back the theory up) I can't wait to see this finished.

Speaking of things I want to be finished, or in this case, updated, Anthony Sava's Chaos Skies was a fun read, until it stopped. I understand real life getting in the way, but I still can't help but wish for an update.

And last but not least, well maybe it is least. Soren's "Other" folder. If you haven't looked through it before, do it now.
This is probably my favorite picture.

Musical Influence: Plain White Ts

Friday, March 30, 2007

Exclusive Interview with...Teh Chief?

Yup. Snoikle is back in the game. Following Brenden's suggestion, I will be doing write up on MOcs, groups of MOCs, or builders. And fun stuff like this.

So anyway, on we go

I asked Mr. Wood for a brief interview on the building process and inspiration for this new MOC he built. He was kind enough to grant me a moment of his time.

Mike:This MOC is called a "3vil" ship. What is 3vil exactly?

Ryan: From the Lugnet .space Subtheme Guide ( by Kevin Blocksidge: "3vil is by far the most evil faction to grace the LEGO space territories. So evil are they, "L337-speak" is actually one of their official languages. To be involved with 3vil is to be an underdog. 3vil has no allies whatsoever. Their only goal is complete domination of the universe. Whether you are a fascist Iron Reicher, a fundamentalist Galactic Inquisitor, or a Space Hippie who's stench overwhelms a ship's life support systems, you are undoubtedly on 3vil's "To kill..." list. They are a force that good factions fear, and other evil factions get stabbed in the back by."

Ryan:That's 3vil. The worst of the worst.

Mike: So how long did this take you to build?

Ryan: I started it in April 2006, but didn't finish and post it until March 2007. Actual building time was maybe 15 hours or so spread across that year-long timespan.

Mike: What kind of inspiration did you have for this thing?
Ryan: This fun guy right here Link was part of someone's entry in a CGSociety Contest called "Spectacular," seen here. It's like it was made just for 3vil.

Mike: You seem to have built some 3vil before, what do you enjoy about this

Ryan: It's fun to be bad once in a while.

Mike: hehe, I'll try to take that in the best sense possible.

Mike: And what would you say was the best part of building this thing?
Ryan: Getting advice throughout the build really helped polish this model. I learned a new hinge technique that Stenz suggested, and it was strong enough of a solution to allow the main body to balance on the skis. But the best part? Finishing my first moc in almost a year.

Mike: Have you ever considered selling a model?

Ryan: I have, and I have. I've auctioned two PCS Hovertanks, my Cylon fighter, and Zoar. I built a Cylon Raider on commission and sold a bunch of floating head sportscar kits. I have more kits in the works, but no auction plans at this time.

Mike: wow, that's pretty impressive.

Mike: So it's called a 3vil Ski, it goes on water or snow then?

Ryan: ­No.

Mike: What kind of weapons does this thing have?

Ryan: A light FRAM cannon on top, a cluster mini-missile pod on either side, two pairs of missiles under the wings, and anti-personnel FRAP blasters under the skull. Oh, and those nasty barbs on the front of the skis.

Mike:How long have you been building Lego models?

Ryan: Since I was a kid. I've been building as a serious hobby since about 2003.

Mike:So what's your next project going to be?

Ryan: I have a lot of unfinished models lying around that I'd like to finish someday, one of which is an 3vil cruiser I've been toying with for a couple years. If that's not the next thing I post, then be on the lookout for something in the same vein as my Alien Bad Guy.

Mike: I look foward to seeing your next model.

Mike: Have you ever wanted to work for the Lego Company (TLC)?

Ryan: Early in 2006 I tried out to be a Master Model Builder at Legoland California. I didn't make it past the first round, which really disappointed me at the time. I just wasn't what they were looking for, but in retrospect I think I'm better off for it.

Mike: Yeah, I hear they don't treat you very well at that job.

Mike: And of course, there's the obligatory shameless plug question. Do you
ever read or browse Snoikle?

Ryan:I used to periodically, and then had no time to read any AFOL blogs. Now I'm back to reading almost all of them at least once a week. Snoikle needs to update more!

Mike: As it will here soon. This was the post I was waiting for to kick start the new Snoikle.

Kudos to Ryan for actually finishing a model, and for playing along with this interview idea.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Bridge to Terabithia

This weekend, I got to see a decent movie. TheBridge to Terabithia. Yes, it's a family movie, yes, it's only rated PG, and yes, it's far superior to most of the crap Hollywood spits out these days. The best part of the movie was really the kids. Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb both do an excellent job at playing normal, slightly unpopular kids. They really brought a certain spark to the movie, and I really enjoyed watching them working together.
I went to see the movie with my 16 year old friend, and as teenagers, we were both a bit dissapointed. We wanted something more like Narnia. Very little of the movie really takes place in Terabithia, and that's what we wanted to see. But as a kid, it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. It really showed imagination. Not just in the writing, but in the acting and directing as well. 4 out of five stars.

And on a side note, Snoikle is going down a decidedly different path. I've dropped the idea of reviewing MOCs, that'll be reserved for Moyblik, and have gone the same way v2 did. Snoikle is now just my blog. I know, how horrible. And now, off to mess with a 75 degree day, and allergies.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hound dog

First, a little tidbit to wake y'all up. I really like the series of J5N "empolyees" this guy is doing.

And now, for our Featrue Presentation:
Linus Bohman has always been my favorite guy to blog. He always makes such fun stuff. Kinda like Ley, except he posts more. His new fighter is a good example of...uh..of... well, it's a good example of something. It looks really simple, and a bit boring, but it also features some nice shapes, and a cool cockpit.
maybe 4 out of 5 right there.

His second new MOC is the one I really like. Check out the freaky yellow-white goodness. It really looks scary with all the spikes and stuff thrown on. I'm awfaid. I really like how outlandish this thing is. Bohman has never been afraid to challenge convention a bit. Well done.

Musical Influence: Elvis.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I got to see the way-cool movie The Pursuit of Happyness the other day. I have to say, I'm impressed. Despite the PG-13 rating, there really wasn't much bad about it. I mean, it was almost literally rated PG-13 for "facts of life" It was really a nice story, told in a powerful way. Chris Gardner went from having $21 to his name, to closing a multi-million dollar deal in 2006. Awesomeness. Will Smith gets credit for a decent acting jo, really a change of pace for him. But it's his son who really shines here.
excellent acting. Lots of love in this movie.

What else is there to yammer about? Not really very much. I'll come up with something later.

Friday, January 19, 2007

What do We Call This Post?

Lukas, Chuck and I are on Moyblik now.
Builder's Block comes to a halt, while Snoikle slows down a far pace.
I do want to keep updating from time to time, but it won't be nearly as much as I used to.
I still wanna make it to 100 posts and/or one year.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tis All the Rage Y'See.

Since Lukas started it, Brenden followed, and Linus is gonna follow, I figure I'll do my list.

Best Micro-Scale: Gotta agree with Brenden on this. Mike Yoder win hands down.
It's not so much quantity over quality, but the quailty of the quantity. Still with me? drat. Guess the list will get longer then.
Honorable Mentions: Spook. Soren

Best Mecha: Moko.
It could have gone to Soren,izzo,Kyle Vrieze,or any number of other builders out there. But I like his syle the best.
Honorable Mentions: Chuck and Soren,izzo,nnenn, and so forth.

Best Creative Space: Linus Bohman
He always has some sweet piece of coolness to share with the community, and he's always willing to share. So if I haven't already said it, thanks Linus!
Honorable Mentions: Ley Ward, Citrin

Best Non-Real Space: Tim Gould.
I didn' much like his work, or his attitude, when he first came to CSF, but between his growth as a builder, and me learning a thing about renders, I've learned it doesn't have to be real to be cool.
Honorable Mentions:none.

Best SHIP: Kyle Vrieze.
There really are too many good SHIPS out there. I can't pick the best. But I've always loved Kyle's Kitsune. (Well, at least ever since he posted it.)
Honorable Mentions:Ugh. I ain't even gonna try.

Best Diorama: Keith Goldman We all saw that one coming, right?

And uh, I saw some folks doing "Best Space" pshh. That's crazy talk. There's way to much cool space out there for there to be a "best"
So there ya have it. A lit that I'm sure would be different if I did it a week from now. Keep on spacin,castling,towning, training,(heh, I made a funny) and all that jazz.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Freaking Love Ice

Ice is every driver's worst enemy. And yet, I love it today. Yesterday, my sister and I went sledding down the dead end part of our street. Man, that was fun.

So anyway, on to the world of Lego and blogging. Now there's something brewing behind the scenes of this and one as-of-yet unnamed blog. All will be revealed in time. (heheh, I've always wanted to say that) But until then, I'll just have to point out several MOCs that I like.

Spook's micro-ship
Lovely use of color and detail. One of the hottest ships I've seen in a while.

Citrin's Zion Icarus
Nice greeblie vibe coming from it. I love the use of the grappeling hook on the engine.

B-Shelf user greyfang's Bootlegger By far, my favorite of the bunch. Check it out, the profile reminds me a great deal of Dan J's Venom. And the shapes and use of color is well done. I want to build something like this now. It even has a checkerboard pattern up top. What's not to love? ;-)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Streampunk and Alt. History

Well what a delightful load of ice Moher Nature decided to drop on us this weekend. I'm actually not complaining. For, sledding, this stuff is da bomb. Just beware of really big hills. You're likly to loose an arm.
So there are two MOCs I wantedd to point out, and blabber about today.
The first is jonesy's steam-powered tank.
An excellent example of steampunky goddness.
The main thing I admire on this is the way everything falls together. It has a flow so to speak. Each piece in it's place.
And the setting he gives us, crushing a field of pink flowers? it's enough to make one weep for joy. Not that flower crushing is a good thing. It's just sort of that it repesents wither how much death is really wrapped up in this chunk of metal, or how twisted jonesy really is. (personally, I'll opt for the latter)
Very well done.

The second MOC is a nice little plane made by CSF member Porschecm2.
The plane it's self could never get off the ground with just the propellers. It looks way to heavt and has wings. But. It looks cool. If you're willing to throw aside any problems with the whole fyling thing, it rocks pretty hard. I like the engine pods in particular. Oh, and it's red. So you know it's good.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold Sweat

Been a good week for MOCs. (I swear I've sid that before...)
But really, I'm just gonna be lazy.
Ace of Spades III
Planet Hopper
Falling Star Dio
Totally awesome knight mech. (I've always loved knightsin *ahem* shining amrmor.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Well, it's been a fun weekend. My bestest best friend spent the weekend at my house, and we got to hike around in th woods, and build a little log cabin.

And in the past week or so, some amzing MOCs have surfaced.

Orange is always fun to see when used right. And Big X's latest MOC uses it right.
The scale is the first thing you notice. Most fighters are much smaller, to the point of being way to small to fit all the rewuired equipment.
The color scheme is nice, although truth be told I'm a bit miffed at the old dk grey used. It works to a point I suppose. The greebs are the best part. The engine is just short of total h0tness. The intakes on the side, the binoculars set into the hull, and the cannons are all excellent.

Next, we bring you a sweet little serving of goodness, courtesy pf Andrew Horvatits. Nice shape, and decent detail. Although aparently, it has no interior. Pretty nice.
There are more, but I'm not feeling so hot, so you'll hafta find them yourself, or with thehelp of TBB. ;-)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

This post will pretty much just be a RLOSIDWTTA, and a bit of rambling.
Long time MOC builder, and first time Snoiklee Dan Sibley built a pretty nice mech
Paul Brasington, who we all no and some of us love, built a truly artfulAPC I really gotta keep up with his work. He builds some freakish awesome stuff.
What Snoikle post would be complete without an izzo MOC?
Lime green r0cks so hard. Damn, I need more of it.
Here's one that I like especially. The color scheme would be hard to pull off the right way. All black with yellow and white missiles/highlights.
I must admit to be scared by the crotch gun however.

And I dunno how old this one is, but I find it to be freakishly sweet. I have to try that DA torso with red arms and legs now :-o.

And in the non-lego world (yes, there is a world outside of LEGO) I got to see the moive Back to the Future.
Ah, such an awesome movie. I gotta see the next two now. I also am on assignment from my mom to watch at least the first Rocky movie. Before seeing the new one.

Musical Influence: James Brown.