Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Mulitiple MOC Post.

First off we have the first non-space MOC I've blogged. A cool little model of a camera by B-Shelf user arvo. I'm not sure what's so cool about it. It just struck me as a nice model.

Second, we have a micro 3vil cruiser built by B-Shelf user Turkguy19. (who goes by the same name on CSF) A nice ship with a suprising amount of detail. The weapons he made for this ship work well. And as is anything 3vil it has to have skulls! Several decently done ones I might add. It's not easy making convincing skulls.

And third, another Crysilon vessel made this time by Paul Kanter (FilmmakerPaul of CSF) The colors are, as is Crysilon standard, bright, obnoxious, loud,garish, and probably any other word that means painfully colorful. The pods used for the wings are my favorite part. They look perfect on this ship.

And there we have it. Snoikle's first Multiple MOC Post.

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Linus Bohman said...

Well done! ;-) I dig the camera.