Friday, February 23, 2007

Hound dog

First, a little tidbit to wake y'all up. I really like the series of J5N "empolyees" this guy is doing.

And now, for our Featrue Presentation:
Linus Bohman has always been my favorite guy to blog. He always makes such fun stuff. Kinda like Ley, except he posts more. His new fighter is a good example of...uh..of... well, it's a good example of something. It looks really simple, and a bit boring, but it also features some nice shapes, and a cool cockpit.
maybe 4 out of 5 right there.

His second new MOC is the one I really like. Check out the freaky yellow-white goodness. It really looks scary with all the spikes and stuff thrown on. I'm awfaid. I really like how outlandish this thing is. Bohman has never been afraid to challenge convention a bit. Well done.

Musical Influence: Elvis.

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