Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Been A While

Like I told Lukas, school is being a bitch. That and there's this girl...... But still, I found time to waste, (I should be doing Comp II homework) by writing up a post for y'all.
Certainly not the most impressive bot I've ever seen, but hey, it has ornj on it mkay?
Speaking of orange.....not bad
So while I dig up the two or three other things I wanted to show you, I will now amaze you with a fact we have been anxiously awaiting. My best friend in the almost whole wide world (with two exceptions) returns from California tomorrow. This makes me all kinds of excited. All worked into a frenzy being happy for me? good. On to the laygoes.
Here's one of the things I noticed a while ago. Decent build, nice color and excllent photography.

And last but not least, this little gem. Spawned by FBTB. Who would have guessed?
Holy crap, she's coming back tomorrow. I may just hyperventilate from exceitment. :-D

1 comment:

Dunechaser said...

I would consider most girls more interesting than the vast majority of the Legoes available for viewing on the internets...

(Oh, and awesome space station. Not as awesome as girls, but I digress again...)