Friday, March 30, 2007

Exclusive Interview with...Teh Chief?

Yup. Snoikle is back in the game. Following Brenden's suggestion, I will be doing write up on MOcs, groups of MOCs, or builders. And fun stuff like this.

So anyway, on we go

I asked Mr. Wood for a brief interview on the building process and inspiration for this new MOC he built. He was kind enough to grant me a moment of his time.

Mike:This MOC is called a "3vil" ship. What is 3vil exactly?

Ryan: From the Lugnet .space Subtheme Guide ( by Kevin Blocksidge: "3vil is by far the most evil faction to grace the LEGO space territories. So evil are they, "L337-speak" is actually one of their official languages. To be involved with 3vil is to be an underdog. 3vil has no allies whatsoever. Their only goal is complete domination of the universe. Whether you are a fascist Iron Reicher, a fundamentalist Galactic Inquisitor, or a Space Hippie who's stench overwhelms a ship's life support systems, you are undoubtedly on 3vil's "To kill..." list. They are a force that good factions fear, and other evil factions get stabbed in the back by."

Ryan:That's 3vil. The worst of the worst.

Mike: So how long did this take you to build?

Ryan: I started it in April 2006, but didn't finish and post it until March 2007. Actual building time was maybe 15 hours or so spread across that year-long timespan.

Mike: What kind of inspiration did you have for this thing?
Ryan: This fun guy right here Link was part of someone's entry in a CGSociety Contest called "Spectacular," seen here. It's like it was made just for 3vil.

Mike: You seem to have built some 3vil before, what do you enjoy about this

Ryan: It's fun to be bad once in a while.

Mike: hehe, I'll try to take that in the best sense possible.

Mike: And what would you say was the best part of building this thing?
Ryan: Getting advice throughout the build really helped polish this model. I learned a new hinge technique that Stenz suggested, and it was strong enough of a solution to allow the main body to balance on the skis. But the best part? Finishing my first moc in almost a year.

Mike: Have you ever considered selling a model?

Ryan: I have, and I have. I've auctioned two PCS Hovertanks, my Cylon fighter, and Zoar. I built a Cylon Raider on commission and sold a bunch of floating head sportscar kits. I have more kits in the works, but no auction plans at this time.

Mike: wow, that's pretty impressive.

Mike: So it's called a 3vil Ski, it goes on water or snow then?

Ryan: ­No.

Mike: What kind of weapons does this thing have?

Ryan: A light FRAM cannon on top, a cluster mini-missile pod on either side, two pairs of missiles under the wings, and anti-personnel FRAP blasters under the skull. Oh, and those nasty barbs on the front of the skis.

Mike:How long have you been building Lego models?

Ryan: Since I was a kid. I've been building as a serious hobby since about 2003.

Mike:So what's your next project going to be?

Ryan: I have a lot of unfinished models lying around that I'd like to finish someday, one of which is an 3vil cruiser I've been toying with for a couple years. If that's not the next thing I post, then be on the lookout for something in the same vein as my Alien Bad Guy.

Mike: I look foward to seeing your next model.

Mike: Have you ever wanted to work for the Lego Company (TLC)?

Ryan: Early in 2006 I tried out to be a Master Model Builder at Legoland California. I didn't make it past the first round, which really disappointed me at the time. I just wasn't what they were looking for, but in retrospect I think I'm better off for it.

Mike: Yeah, I hear they don't treat you very well at that job.

Mike: And of course, there's the obligatory shameless plug question. Do you
ever read or browse Snoikle?

Ryan:I used to periodically, and then had no time to read any AFOL blogs. Now I'm back to reading almost all of them at least once a week. Snoikle needs to update more!

Mike: As it will here soon. This was the post I was waiting for to kick start the new Snoikle.

Kudos to Ryan for actually finishing a model, and for playing along with this interview idea.

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