Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100 Posts!

Moyblik and Snoikle hit their 100 post marks at about the same time. Excellent.
For this post, the number one thing I want to point out is this. It all started when I got an interview with Mr. Wood, about his latest 3vil MOC. Tom promised he'd steal the interview idea, and boy did he make good on his promise. Excellent interview Tom.
So 100 posts. That means a lot really, granted, quite a few were quick MOC updates, but it still took a lot of concentration to keep this thing running. And I plan on keeping it running. I've got several ideas for new posts, one or two might even make it into production. While I have you here, I'll point out a couple MOCs that surfaced recently.

Mike Yoder starts to build for Da Block
The front is the most interesting part. It's not quite symetrical, the greebs are well done, but not over exposed. I love that big cannon. Nice technique.

What Snoikle post would be complete without an izzo MOC? Beautiful work on the feet and rifle.

So I'll be around, I may even update once or twice in the next century. Stay tuned.

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