Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reviewing Masoko Tanga

One of the fo sure bestest lego blogs out there claims the title "Masoko Tanga" Run by Brenden Wilson and coauthor Tom Buckland, it's always one of the best reads out on the intertubes. While Moyblik and Brother's Brick provide you with the newest MOCs and LEGO news, they give you little besides eye-candy. Masoko Tanga goes ABCD. A typical post is a page and a half or so long, usually going over three of four MOCs. While Brenden covers the microscale side of things, (he's been building microscale forever) Tom tends to take care of the minifig scale stuff. One of the best things I've found is trying to guess who wrote the post before you get to the end.
I believe Brenden does most of the graphics for the blog, which are all very eye -catching. The biggest flaw I find with MT is it's lack of frequent updates. We usually have to go about a week and a half between posts, if not longer. However, given the quailty of said posts, this Snoikler is more than willing to let that little glitch slide.
With more style than almost any blog I subscribe to, I found it's always an enjoyable read, giving you a look at some of the better MOCs around, the authors thoughts on trends or fads in the AFOL Online Community, or sometimes even a witty look into different aspects of life. I for one will continue to read Masoko Tanga for a long time to come.

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Brenden said...

I think my favourite blog before I wrote myself was Golden Shpleem, this was before I checked through RSS feeds so I read it less frequently and updates never seemed slow. By the time I started blogging in earnest, Shpleem was gone - so I filled the niche.

Thank you for the review Mike, look out in the future.