Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Uber-cool builder nnenn brings us this tiny little ship, proving his title as King O' the Micro
The scale it's built on is impressive, hard to make something that size look that good. The coolest thing about this MOC however, is this

How cool is that? a little rover/tank/SUV thing deploys out.

If nnenn is the king, then Andrew (aka Wintermute aka onosendai2600) Is pretty much the Duke of micro. Check out his latest, a station for all his little ships to dock at.

I'll make no claims as too where Moyblik and Snoikle are going. For now, I'm just postign on Snoikle cause it rocks yer socks.
Musical Inspiration: David Bowie


Spook said...

Nnenn is the king of micro? ;-;

Mike said...

Yeah, you're a loser and as such you don't count.
Alright fine, I did forget about you. maybe I'll do a write up on you next post.

Andrew said...

The Duke of Micro?
I might be able to get used to that. . .
I nominate Spooky to Arch Duke of Micro, or Earl of Micro, yeah uhhh insert jester of micro joke here. . .

Lukas said...

I nominate spook for the manqueen of micro! :D