Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I had Pizza Tonight.

I know, I know, it's been a while. I was out at a farm in the middle of kansas helping clear up storm damage. (a barn to be specific) I got to beat things with hammers and stuff. Great fun. Where was I? Oh yeah, laygoes.

So Kevin built some more cool little black and yellow href=""">typetype href="">things They look, well, shall we say well-armed?
I love the looks of them.


Second up, we have Nick Dean's Longbow Anti-Mech Sniper. I love the treads on this baby. Treads make everything better. The guns are the second thing I like. Perfectly positioned I think. It also has a decent color scheme.

Coming in third on our Snoikle-Catch-Up Series is a cool little armored thingy. Looks perfect for supressing riots that get out of hand. Or for just running to the grocery store for some mango juice. I live the number on top. It adds to the feel of the vehicle. The perfect blend of tiled and studs is lovely. And the dk gray just seems cool right there. The Wheels are yet another nice feature. I think Soren may have used them first, but that means little, as Soren seems to have done everything first.
Also, I'm pretty sure this intended to be an Iron Reich truck. If so, it really does the trick. I may have to build something like this soon.

*Notice* Two things I wanted to tell y'all. Some of the HTML is jacked-up, and I'm too tired to fix it tonight.
The other thing being, just to let you know, I hate you too Kevoh.

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