Monday, September 25, 2006

OMG! Monsters!!11!!1oneone

Mind-blowing awesome MOCs are a trademark of Mark Stafford I think. Cause this is surely a mind-blowing MOC.
The first thing you notice is the size, this thing is gianormous! (before you ask, no, it's not a word) The level of activity is amazing. Monsters bursting through the ground, people running in terror, Dr. Who watching ect. ect. Among my favorite details are the jeep with the gunner, the Doctor with the Taris (sp?) and the entrance to the mine shaft it's self. Beautiful work on the surrounding desert as well. Boulders and brush are abundant, the cliff is fairly passable. (Were it all dk gray he'd get bonus points) And there's the undead portion as well. Undead Native Americans coming to stop the explorers from disturbing the monsters. A little late methinks. The monsters deserve a note of appreciation, thee green one is my favorite. They both look so freaking scary! The big dk blue(?) one kinda looks like a Sarlaac. I would very much hate to one of those mercenaries.Eaten by a huge monster with fifty-bazillion teeth. *shudder* The plane and trucks are cool as well. Check out the detail he puts on just one of these things. So in conclusion, Mark proves he can build stuff no other mortal can come close to. Good job MArk, good job!

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