Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pinball Wizard
This one needs no review.
It's big.
It's white.
It's Canadian.

Also of note, are Tim Gould's Guges Landmate.

JP's X=Zorglumobile.

And TJ's little steamflyers.

You may have noticed I actually didn't review any of these MOCs. (if you didn't get your brain checked please ;-) )
I'm trying a new approach to blogging, pretty much review when i want to, just post pics when I'm to lazy.

Today's Musical Inffluence: The Who.


Red Baron said...

Just a note with no relation to your post, Masoko Tanga is relocated to a much better locale:

Spread the word. And stop being lazy, I decided a while ago if I couldn't say anything for it then I wouldn't blog it. Seeing as everything you blog can be found be your average reader elsewhere - if you're not going to provide your own personal insight/opinion then the post serves no purpose.

Dez said...

You know Brenden, you're 100% right. I'm going thorugh this kind of weird stop in blogging. Rethinking the way I do stuff and such. But really, why mess with perfection? ;-)