Monday, October 23, 2006

Crazy Train

Linus Bohman built an awesome little ship (again) HisGas Mask uses lots of shapes and greebles an-0o0 is that the Dulkes of Hazzard?? Ok, commercial break. The beautiful blend of treads and tires is amazing. The use of bley is barely noticable. Oh noes! are they gonna get awway from Roscoe? of course they are. Where's Daisy anyway? Oh. Right. Back to the reveiw. Orange is such a nice color. w00t! there's Daisy. Gosh, I get distracted easly don't I? So anyway. The nose is nicely done. Those radars dishes add something to the MOC. Another cool thing is the use of two oranges. Cool little touch. I can't get over the way those treads create shapes. Uber sweet. And now, I must go ogle Dai....I mean watch the Dukes of Hazzard.


Linus Bohman said...

Thanks for the post, Michael!

Dez said...

NP. Say, did you have a birthday recently?