Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hooked On A Feeling

Moko is a favorite among LEGO bloggers. Most likely due to the fact that he builds awesome stuff. His mechs are the stuff dreams are made of. (At least, if you're a Lego freak) I blogged his orange mech a couple weeks ago. So I like this new one from him. His Walker Mech is uber cool. The angles and shapes make it stand out from the dozens of other mechs that are posted every week. The feet are my favorite part oddly enough. (and no, I don't have a foot-fetish) They're very nicely done, I imagine they give this one some much needed stability. The gray tank strapped on the back adds the perfect amount of color, or non-color to it. I love those 3x3(?) radar dishes. I only have three in gray sadly. I'm am wondering how he managed to make that tank. technic half pin seems the only feasabile way to do it, and even that seems like it'd be un-stable. Maybe it IS unstable for that matter. The yellow and black warning tiles are used fairly well to add more color here. Details such as the technic half pin above the 1x1 round just make this a cool mech. Hmm.... I think I'll try my hand at a mech.

Oh yeah, there's more. Pssht, I knew that.
Nick Dean returns to Snoikle with his cargo carrier truck. The use of that silly cockpit piece is the driving force behind this MOC. It's use here is next to genuis. Even Soren said it's an cool MOC. We keep telling Nick to make the cargo section bigger. (I wanna see a 18-wheeler sized one of these) The rest of the truck is nice, the hover pad thingies are pretty cool.

Let's see...what else.... bshelf user izzo proves he's better than you with yet another mech.

I blog a train cause it's pretty.

And a cute little sig-fig tootin' speeder by JordanTN.

On a totally un-lego related note, Tom, Mark and I were marveling over Lockwasher's awesome ray-guns and stuff. Definitely worth five minutes of your time to browse through them.

And that wraps up one of Snoikle's longest posts ever.


Red Baron said...

There's always one constant with japanese builders - they're always unstable.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a nice mech.