Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today we start our blogging with a totally awesome little ship from FBTB member Fox Primus. The Habrok. Named after a hawk in Norse mytholegy.
My favorite part is defenitly the rusty-beat-up look it has. Right out of the SW universe.
The nose has a nice swooshy feeling, kinda out of place with parts of the ship, but it works.
I like the engine a great deal. The black on the back is nice, and the grey slope on the front work oh-so-well. I might have liked it better with a giant grill on the front though. I think would've been tight.
And of course, the fact that it's asymetrical is awesome.

Next we have Kyle Vrieze's latest "MOCs" they're both designs he ripped off from other builders. They work very well however.
Check out his two mechs and a cute widdle bike. I love those missile boxes. (courtesy of Dennis Coh) Link

Plus, a awesomely WTF?!? kind of MOC by Brickshelf user sugegasa

I really like this wheeled tank/mech thingy that B-Shelf user pratt built. It's simple, but I see a lot of work put into it. Nice.
My only real nit is the studs showing on the back of the legs/wheel pods. They would probably look better tiled.

Today's Musical Influence: Styx.
I also fell in love with the song "The Saints Are Coming" over the weekend. At first I thought it sucked. Now I think it's cool.

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