Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

This post will pretty much just be a RLOSIDWTTA, and a bit of rambling.
Long time MOC builder, and first time Snoiklee Dan Sibley built a pretty nice mech
Paul Brasington, who we all no and some of us love, built a truly artfulAPC I really gotta keep up with his work. He builds some freakish awesome stuff.
What Snoikle post would be complete without an izzo MOC?
Lime green r0cks so hard. Damn, I need more of it.
Here's one that I like especially. The color scheme would be hard to pull off the right way. All black with yellow and white missiles/highlights.
I must admit to be scared by the crotch gun however.

And I dunno how old this one is, but I find it to be freakishly sweet. I have to try that DA torso with red arms and legs now :-o.

And in the non-lego world (yes, there is a world outside of LEGO) I got to see the moive Back to the Future.
Ah, such an awesome movie. I gotta see the next two now. I also am on assignment from my mom to watch at least the first Rocky movie. Before seeing the new one.

Musical Influence: James Brown.

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