Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Streampunk and Alt. History

Well what a delightful load of ice Moher Nature decided to drop on us this weekend. I'm actually not complaining. For, sledding, this stuff is da bomb. Just beware of really big hills. You're likly to loose an arm.
So there are two MOCs I wantedd to point out, and blabber about today.
The first is jonesy's steam-powered tank.
An excellent example of steampunky goddness.
The main thing I admire on this is the way everything falls together. It has a flow so to speak. Each piece in it's place.
And the setting he gives us, crushing a field of pink flowers? it's enough to make one weep for joy. Not that flower crushing is a good thing. It's just sort of that it repesents wither how much death is really wrapped up in this chunk of metal, or how twisted jonesy really is. (personally, I'll opt for the latter)
Very well done.

The second MOC is a nice little plane made by CSF member Porschecm2.
The plane it's self could never get off the ground with just the propellers. It looks way to heavt and has wings. But. It looks cool. If you're willing to throw aside any problems with the whole fyling thing, it rocks pretty hard. I like the engine pods in particular. Oh, and it's red. So you know it's good.

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