Monday, January 08, 2007

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Well, it's been a fun weekend. My bestest best friend spent the weekend at my house, and we got to hike around in th woods, and build a little log cabin.

And in the past week or so, some amzing MOCs have surfaced.

Orange is always fun to see when used right. And Big X's latest MOC uses it right.
The scale is the first thing you notice. Most fighters are much smaller, to the point of being way to small to fit all the rewuired equipment.
The color scheme is nice, although truth be told I'm a bit miffed at the old dk grey used. It works to a point I suppose. The greebs are the best part. The engine is just short of total h0tness. The intakes on the side, the binoculars set into the hull, and the cannons are all excellent.

Next, we bring you a sweet little serving of goodness, courtesy pf Andrew Horvatits. Nice shape, and decent detail. Although aparently, it has no interior. Pretty nice.
There are more, but I'm not feeling so hot, so you'll hafta find them yourself, or with thehelp of TBB. ;-)


Linus Bohman said...

I just looked at Andrew's APC again. How could I miss this pic? Awesome.

Dez said...

Tsk tsk. You must be getting old or something... Yeah, hat's a great pic.