Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tis All the Rage Y'See.

Since Lukas started it, Brenden followed, and Linus is gonna follow, I figure I'll do my list.

Best Micro-Scale: Gotta agree with Brenden on this. Mike Yoder win hands down.
It's not so much quantity over quality, but the quailty of the quantity. Still with me? drat. Guess the list will get longer then.
Honorable Mentions: Spook. Soren

Best Mecha: Moko.
It could have gone to Soren,izzo,Kyle Vrieze,or any number of other builders out there. But I like his syle the best.
Honorable Mentions: Chuck and Soren,izzo,nnenn, and so forth.

Best Creative Space: Linus Bohman
He always has some sweet piece of coolness to share with the community, and he's always willing to share. So if I haven't already said it, thanks Linus!
Honorable Mentions: Ley Ward, Citrin

Best Non-Real Space: Tim Gould.
I didn' much like his work, or his attitude, when he first came to CSF, but between his growth as a builder, and me learning a thing about renders, I've learned it doesn't have to be real to be cool.
Honorable Mentions:none.

Best SHIP: Kyle Vrieze.
There really are too many good SHIPS out there. I can't pick the best. But I've always loved Kyle's Kitsune. (Well, at least ever since he posted it.)
Honorable Mentions:Ugh. I ain't even gonna try.

Best Diorama: Keith Goldman We all saw that one coming, right?

And uh, I saw some folks doing "Best Space" pshh. That's crazy talk. There's way to much cool space out there for there to be a "best"
So there ya have it. A lit that I'm sure would be different if I did it a week from now. Keep on spacin,castling,towning, training,(heh, I made a funny) and all that jazz.


Chuck said...

Yay, 2 mentions!

Lukas said...

I'm pretty sure Tim was on CSF long before you were Hawkeye. I was only on a tad before you got there...

Dez said...

Sorry Lukas, but I gotta prove ou wrong here.
Tim joined CSF NOv 2005.
I joined April 2005. I was there for several months before he was.

The fact that my screenname changed somewhere throughs people off.

Chuck said...

By the way dez, link to the more recent picture of the maurauder, as the one you linked can only be seen by friends

Linus Bohman said...

Thanks for the holla', Michael!