Sunday, July 30, 2006

But mom, I don't wanna Blog today.....

I didn't want to. I'm busy and tired and underfed. But I had to anyway. MArk Stafford's R-Wing is the awesomest entry in this contest that I've seen. And believe me, I've seen a lot. Ok, so this thing has an awesome shape. (the whole 'R' thing pretty much makes that a given) the detail is great, the *feel* of the ship is great. It feels like one of Jon Palmer's ships. And the cherry on top, it's onrj. I love orange. It's to die for in this quantity. Whoops, this Marks mark's err marks Mark's second Snoikled MOC. Putting the postion of first place on the Snoikle-Meter in a tie. One of you *two better build something awesome so I can blog it. ;-)

*The other being Linus Bohman. But seeing as he's my only loyal reader methinks he'll know who I'm talking about.


Linus Bohman said...

Haha - I know what you're talking about. I'm on it. Just got to get free from this disease, and then I'll see through my Eddie-project as well as my Space Ninja-project. All in due time.

Seriously though, it is hard to attract readers to a blog. I noticed that myself after I started my own. Here is some thoughts on the matter:

Install an invisible counter, so you know how many visits. I dig statcounter, but has begun to use it less after I finally received my invite to google analytics.

The next step would be to update often with quality content. Quality in this case would probably be good mocs that few has heard of. You do that well enough, especially since you have begun to update more often lately. (On another note, I first saw legohaulic's 3vil thang here - that's a quality post).

Next step as I see it is promoting. Put a link to snoikle in your sig, be active on related blogs through comments and content suggestions (the brothers brick, vignette bricks, unique brick techniques are good ones). Use technorati tags. Dunechaser made a good post about it some time ago - dig through his archive. Mention your blog when it is relevant, and make sure to provide a link.

Other than that, I guess, just be patient. Here is a forum you can sift through to pick up more info - I'm new to this myself, as you know.

There. My 5 bucks. Hope I didn't bore you ;-)

Otto said...

I think that R-wing will win the fbtb contest.
Oh, and an invisible counter? I'll have to check that out. ;)

Dez said...

Thanks Linus. That was actually a very heplful and insightful post. I will ty and check out some other blogs and I was thinking about adding Snoikle to my sig.

Formendacil said...

You have no idea who comes along reading these things...

Nice, tasty, cream-of-the-Space crop here. Like a mini CSF- without the smack.