Sunday, July 23, 2006


From the man who gave us the Aggressor, the Iron Rhino, and the Spartan vs. Wolverine series, comes the latest breathtaking MOC. Critics agree "two thumbs up!" Kyle Vreize, take a bow.

Where does one start on a ship like this? It's the one of the awesomest space MOCs I've seen since the Asmodeus came along. The amount of detail is the best part.
Lots of shape, color, and weapons. Oh Boy, the weapons! guns that look spacey but not corny or oversized. The turret up front (rail-gun?) is sweetness itself.
And the missiles. Vreize is a stronge advocate of missiles.
The engines are another stronge point. Wheels? yes. Cool? hellz yes.
On the Aggressor, he had a idea about "Graviton Drive" or somesuch. I'm thinking he doing the same here. Beautiful.
This ship takes strongly after the Aggressor. This Snoikler is going to guess it's based on the same idea/inspiration. I just can't get over how cool it is. Well done Kyle.

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