Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Scoin XB

Mike Yoder is another builder whos talent I wish I had. His Altair ships are nothing short of sweet. And he seems to have an awesome style no matter what he's building. (although the ship he's working on now seems to vary from his usual....excellence) But anyway, this little gem is awesome. I know from first hand experience how hard making a futuristic car can be. He pulls it off nicely. The way it folds out is pretty cool. And the colors, the colors are the best part. Mike loves his Exo-Force stickers, and they work beautifully here. I want to build a little army of these babies. Blah blah blah and so on. So there you have it yet again, Snoikle (with the help of that guy who built it) brings you a little transport worthy of {insert obscure Sci-Fi reference here}


Mike Yoder said...

Oh Knows! I've been Snoikled! Thanks for the props, and sweet little blog you've got here! I usually check out the Goldenshpleem, but those guys don't update nearly often enough for my taste. Kuup up the good work!


Dez said...

thanks Mike. When I first started this, jonesy predicted it wouldn't last. I gotta show jonesy he was wrong.