Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Linus Bohman reaches first place in the Snoikle-Meter. Having been Snoikled more times than anyone else. So anyway, his latest ship really is awesome. It's yet another ship that you first look at and think "ah, micro!" and then you keep clicking pics and discover "gasp! It ISN'T micro!" The colors are what really drew me too this craft, the blend of red, gray, white and black is awesome. The grabs are another strong point. Beautifully executed. The engine it'self is also sweet. This guy has really grown as a builder since he first came to CSF. (oh yes, I credit CSF for all of this ;-) ) Here's looking at you Linus!

1 comment:

Linus Bohman said...

Haha - I agree, I have grown quite a bit. You remember my first post? Ah, good times... ;-)

You were very fast to pick this one up. Thanks for the post!