Monday, August 28, 2006

Beautiful Day

The tiltle is actually fairly mis-leading. It's not very beautiful today at all. It's a rainy-cloudy-gloomy sort of day. Which i guess could be beautiful to some people. Anyway, bring on the clowns........

First up, a cool little police hover-car by B-Shelf user atamacher. It's pretty nice. The shape and detail are good. The colors are a bit splotchy. They could use some tightening up. I'm digging the back compartment, I can just imagine the officer saying "watch your head" as he crams them in there. The siren and tail light arrangments look good. seven out of ten stars to this one.
More pics here:

Secondly, a SHIP I should have blogged when it first came out a couple days ago. Biggest microscale ship we've seen since Paul's Lance of Athena. Nice shapes and detailing on this, plus it uses orange, which is an instant plus in my book.
It can be seen here:

Third up to bat, my CS Chat friend Jaster (AKA Matt) built a floating rock which he wanted me to Snoikle. (the sign of a good blog?) It's a pretty decent MOc. One thing other people have pointed out, is that the rock looks too small to hold the house. I don't really care that much. It's all fantasy anyway. The dock is a nice touch. Like a garage for your baloon thingy (which was also Snoikled)

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