Friday, August 11, 2006

Teh EB Mastah Bilds

What's this you say? Another post, two seconds after his last one? Yeah, I'll admit. I should have checked CSF MOC forum before blogging Linus's ship. I could have donee one big Multiple MOC post. But....I didn't. So anyway, here are several MOCs I felt deserved to be Snoikled.

First up, Lenny's Floating Rock Mushroom house thingy.
A awesome litte house on a FR. It has a, dare I say, magical feel to it. I love the little boat that goes with it. Superb.
Second, Teh EBKA Nadezhda Battlecruiser. An awesome space submarine if there ever was one. Detail is amazingly abundant for a ship that looks smooth at first glance. The weapons are nice, perfect EB look. And the interior. That's what makes it stand out. Take the time to look through all the pics and marvel at all the details he crammed in there. Andof course, the fact that it's red doesn't hurt it a bit. ;-)

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Dean Hofmeyer said...

I love these. I had the exact same idea for mushroom floating rocks and the next day, he posts WIP pics!