Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kevoh (aka, Kevin Blocksidge) has built two little things (did I say little? silly me) that I found blog worthy.

The first one is a floating rock village. Which features some sweet details. The bridges, three in all, are among my favorite. The stone bridge on the big towerish building is cool. As is the hobo sitting underneath it. Also, the guy sitting fishing on a smaller rock. That's just awesome. There are also several small glider/helicoptor/things dotting the layout. The flags are a nice touch, I'm guessing that means the rocks always float in the same spot? The schoolhouse (at least, I think it's a schoolhouse) is a wonderful example of a non-boring building. Something I'll have to work on. So yeah, that awesome and all.

The second thing is a baloon. As exciting as that sounds, it really is cool. Dk red, as I may have mentioned before, is a wonderful color. So pretty.....*ahem* scuse me. Anyway, I like the wings a bunch, studs r00l. It's not quite as cool as the village. but I'd kill to be able to build like that. ;-) Well done Kevin, well done.

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