Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Been Weird Lately

Lately, I've noticed the quality of my posts is slipping. I'm not spending the time writing good MOC reviews. I think it was in a effort to make Snoikle popular, I've been posting a lot. However, quality over quantity is much in this case. I'm going to possibly cut back on the posting. And spend more time on atually thinking out what I like about an MOC. K, now that that's out of the way, onto the MOCs.

Dunechaser, the imfamous blogger, minifig expert, I'm sure he's something else. Built a little vignette. His description is "Jizou statues are representations of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in Japanese Buddhism. Guardians of children and travelers, Jizou line roads and mountain paths throughout the country. "
A little over my head in places, but I get the meaning.
This may actually make me go and do some research. (dangit, when even LEGO becomes educational what's left?) I'm loving the bamboo. Probably just cause I've always loved bamboo forests.
So anyway, go look at his MOC, research what's behin it, and have a 2 page report on my desk by thursday ;-)

Aaaannndd, let's see..........what else is out there......Ah yes, a cute little truck made by Andrew Horvatis(sp?) for the Young Spacer's Flickr Group First Blind Group MOC Study. *Hawkeye stops to catch his breath* I love this boy's work. As always it has excellent color cordination, and the detail is superb. Those wheels are awesome. I had the exact same idea a couple weeks ago. If only I had posted first *I* would be the genuis. Ah well. *sigh*


Linus Bohman said...

I don't think the quality of your posts have been slipping *that* much ;-) One of your best ones was posted these last few days (thinking about the interview with Phil).

What I think you are experiencing is just some general doubt. All one can do is to try and get out of it, write good, well thought out posts (planning them before posting them is key, I have noticed for myself) and relax :-) You are doing a good job.

And I still haven't been informed about what teen CS is, durnit! Are you youngins building behind our backs?

Nick said...

Your quailty slips more than President Bush and Iraq on ice. jk.

And Linus. yes.

Red Baron said...

I did the same thing, when I was like: "F#ck, I'm not even saying anything anymore?" Hicups.

Dez said...

Thanks for the reassurence Linus. Mostly I felt cheap when I blogged Mark's new fighter, I was just yammering on with stuff that wasn't really new or thoughtful. No more of that. Yes, the interview was a stroke of genuis wasn't it? (although Phil informs me he's done it before as well as Jon Palmer)


Haha. I'll refrain from commenting to much on Bush as Snoikle is still a lego related blog, but I'll say this: He makes me laugh.

And RB, yeah. That's pretty much how I felt.