Monday, August 28, 2006

Exclusive Interveiw With Teh Phil.

Before anyone else blogs it....before the folder was modded.......with an interveiw you'll see nowhere else....It's Snoikle!

#1 I hear this is a bounty hunter ship, does that mean it's set in the SW
No, it's not in any specific universe. I wanted to do something different than a fighter, which is what I usually end up building. This seemed like a good middleground between a fighter and a SHIP.

#2 Did you have any inspiration for this ship?
This is the concept I started with: . I never follow concept art to the letter, but use it for a general shape for me to begin with. I try to make the final design my own.

#3 How long did this take to build?
Between being lazy and frustrated with it, I built it over the period of a month or so.

#4 The ship has a really cool armored feel, were you going for something
like that?
Yeah, somewhat. It's meant to be a small freighter that was converted to a bounty hunter's ship—so hopefully it looks somewhat industrial and utilitarian. And hopefully some of the parts look after-market, since it's a converted ship.

#5 The spoiler on back, does it represent the modifications Bounty Hunters
make to their ships? like today's tuner?
I didn't consider that when building. It was originally going to be a ship cerebruminc modified for their hired hunter. But ci is a more high-end industry builder like Ferrari or Boeing—they would likely design something much more white and awesome from scratch. So I'm going to say yes, it is like today's tuner, because I think that's a great idea.

Actually, the spoiler is a throwback to Classic Space. I usually used something like it on my ships when I was a kid. It was more fun this way.

#6 I hear this is a kinda Classic Space style ship, is there a old set that
inspired it?
I'm glad it's reminiscent of Classic Space—that was partly my intention. I tried to keep the look old school by mixing old and new construction techniques. I have an idea for my next ship that will be somewhat old school as well.

I mostly wanted to have fun building something with actual play value instead of struggling to keep everything studless. I fall into that trap sometimes—Paul Baulch's comment on my SS-A Paladin has always stuck, "Maybe there's such a thing as too much SNOT?" SNOT is a great tool, but technique for technique's sake is hackery.

#7 Is there a reason you do those semi-cool photochop pictures?
Other than making my folders easily recognizable on Brickshelf, not really. L@@K, 1TZ M3!!!!!!!1!!

#8 I'm not seeing any weapons beside that flippin' big cannon. Did you
figure that was enough?
There's a small turret underneath the front end. I was going to add some more stuff, but didn't want to crowd it too much.

#9 Did you have fun making it?
Heh, just don't ask Gil Shaw if I did or not. It was fun to build something different. But I tend to get frustrated with my builds if they drag too long. This one dragged too long. By the time Fest rolled around I hated it.

#10 Do you read Snoikle? k, so that was unrelated ( I had to shamelessly
advertise somehow)
I've browsed it a couple times. For most things I like to get my news from blogs rather than "objective" sources. It's an interesting idea to get some builder comments along with their mocs.

Hawk: Well, thanks for the interveiw Phil, hope it wasn't too much trouble.

Phil: Thanks for having me.


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Andrew B. said...

Great interview Michael!

Linus Bohman said...

Having intervierviews or builder's comment along with the post is, like Phil says, indeed a great idea. Ayup.

Dez said...

Thanks guys. I was at school actually, when the idea hit. (is that a bad thing?) I thought it would be cool to do. Of course, being in CS Chat with him makes it easier to interviews ;-) dangit, I just gave away my sekrit.

Linus Bohman said...

Dur - "interviewerviews". I meant interviews, of course.

School often does wonders to your inspiration. I just started studying my last two years at the university. Communication. Lots of fun! (Though, admittedly, it will give me less lego-time. Oh well - sacrifices.)

Now, time for me to stop with the inane chattering and get to bed.