Thursday, December 21, 2006

Broadcasting Live from WPKX

In the morning news, our leading story is the new
TBB site.
Nice to see them moving on to bigger things. And make sure you update your link list fellow bloggers.

In other news, I continue my search for the Install disk for my iBook. (I'm getting so sick of PC)

For those of you who can stand it, Spike TV is running a Voyager marathon. Some almost decent Sci-Fi inspiration.

And a little RLOSIDWTTA
A cute little construction bot
nnenn's GalliardTX91
And something Brenden pointed out earlier.

More and more, I'm finding myself checking the train section on B-Shelf for MOCs. I think I'm over that whole "spacer's dislike of trains"

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Linus Bohman said...

Thanks for the plug Michael! I hope you get your mac back up and running soon. I've always been a PC-guy, but lately I've been iffed enough to actually consider making the switch.