Tuesday, December 05, 2006


B-shelf user Ara built a very nice corvette recently. Therefor, I blogged it.
First of all, it's red. in large amounts, red is awesome.
Second, it sports some beautiful details.
The way slopes, tiles, and studs are used together works well, giving the illusion, if not the effect, of a very rounded shape.
The engine section is the best part. And while the thrusters themselves aren't much to write home about, the area around them is tight to the tenth.
The interior is pretty nice, the floors aren't smooth, as with a lot of modern SHIPS. Which I like. Studs r00l.
And in case you couldn't guess, it's inspired by Adrian Drake's Bloodmoon. Very cool.

On a side note, there are a couple things I've been considering doing.
1: A "Best of 2006" series. MOCs that I really,really, liked that came up this year,
2: A "All Time Favorite MOCs" series. My all time favorites.
3: A voter based Best of 2006. Where you pick your favorite from a bunch that I'd pick.
Dunno, just some ideas I was kicking around.

On a PR related note, I have a question for you.
Where did you hear about/find Snoikle?
B) Brothers Brick
C) CS Chat
D) Random blog surfing

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Linus Bohman said...

The different series sounds fun. Don't limit yourself to stuff you've blogged - you started pretty late in the year.

PR: From you on CS.

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