Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's A Long Way to the Top.

Builder Mike Yoder decided that CSF is far to awesome to leave. And LEGO is way to much fun to give up.
So he's back to building.
Awesome shapes. Boxes seem to have been banished from his style.
Which, is a good thing. I also love that red stripe in the middle. Perfect touch of color.

And here's something that reminds me of Yoder's missile shuttle.
I love the stripes on the side, and the engines are pure sweetness.
The turret up top is pretty tight as well.

Also on my To Blog list;
jehkay's Landmate
izzo's Shield Boy
A folder of new (stolen?) mechs
BreadMan's Vig

SO I'm using a Windows (shudder) computer at the moment. Due to my Mac being on the fritz. Anyone know anything about fixing Macs? Every time I try to open a App. Iy starts to open it, then promtly quits it.


Andrew B. said...

The hard drive on my PowerBook quit for the second time in a year last weekend. I got all the data back, and now I have a faster hard drive with double the space. But it cost me $500. Ugh.

I've been very unhappy with the Mac Store "experts." Try to find one of your local computer stores -- cheaper, and generally true experts.

Have you tried starting up from the CD (hold the C key when you start up) and running Disk Repair?

Dez said...

I haven't tried that. There's a pretty decent computer/electri=onics store in town called Micro Center. The poeple tend to know what they're talking about. I'll see if I can take it in there at some point.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I love Yoder's bomber, although the color scheme makes me think of a Checker Taxi ... (apparently, the folks planetside didn't tip for good service...)