Friday, December 08, 2006

Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Which is kinda what it feels like right now. I've been having moments where life just feels awesome. And times where it feels like dog crud. *sigh* I suppose that's pretty much normal for a teenager.

I suppose we want to talk about LEGO today dont we? I guess so.
I really like this one from Y-Bros-K (aka Big Daddy aka Nelson Yrizarry)
It just feels good. Y'know? the colors, the shape, and the look. It's tight to the extreme.

And here's a decent mecha
from B-Shelf user nnenn. The reason I pointed this out is the weapons. I didn't realize they're lego at first.
From the seperate pic, they appeared to be from an action figure or something.

Jerac's Samson is worth mentioning. I always love the way he makes red turn out in photos. People at CSF say it looks like the loader from Aliens. Which, I suppose, is true. I like it as it's own MOC however.

How cool is this? Scary spooky kinda.

On a humorus note, check out this folder. I don't know who made the faux Times, but it gave me a laugh. Something I need lots of these days. I've always been a fan of the subthemes. Lots of folks are against them, but it's little stuff like this that makes them fun.

Nano Medbot
nnenn's Micro Fighter
izzo's Twist Frame(?)
stenz's Winged Mecury>Ginger Bread HQ

Musical Influence: The Temptations.

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