Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Have No Name for This Post

Gosh, I hope fellow blogger Brenden is having fun clogging up B-Shelf with his old MOC folders. (I do understand, I've been trying to rearrange my folder s well) my frustration is aimed more at Brickshelf and it's do we put this? Lameness. Of course, it's free, so I won't complain.

First, we have this hay cart. Which uses those lever handles in a very original way.

Then, we go to this really cool Hover tank. My favorite part is probably the way those hatchs are used to get a striped effect.

Yes, izzo is a rather common Snoiklee (Snoikled person, Snoiklette, Snoiklababa doo?)
But this
mech was fun enough to get mentioned.
As for the rest of the new mechs he's putting out, I'd recomend several hours to browse his entire folder and revel in the splenor.

Speaking of mechs, I had to point this beauty out.\
It's a mech of Soren's with twist of orange.

And this was just way to cool not to point out. Blue, claws, and chrome wrapped into one. <3
That, and it has wheels.


Red Baron said...

I'd laugh if all the folders didn't get retagged 'Avatar' by the b-shelf mod[s]. WTF.

Dez said...

Heh. I feel your pain my friend.
We really need a new website for picture sharing.