Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Seasons Greetings everybody. I wanted to be cool and make a greetings picture like some other bloggers are doing, but this computer has no real image editing software, and we all know about my Mac. So without further ado: Happy Holidays, may you enjoy whatever holiday you choose to celebrate.

Haha, you thought I wasn't gonna point out any cool MOCs this time didja?
well, I am.
Peter Reid (Legoloverman on B-shelf) is the living proof that lego bots can be freaking awesome. And his backgrounds for the bots are always well liked. And now he gives us this tasty morsel.
reminds me a great deal of Mark Stafford's Mantis guship.
I love old dk gray. It's the color I miss the most out of all that changed.
This is an excellent example of greebling done right. They add to the ship, they look functional, and they aren't over-used.
The nose is my favotir part, it's so cool looking. And the Exo-Force sticker adds a certain touch to the craft. Very well done.

And alhough I don't usually blog SW MOCs. I liked this one enough to add it to my list.
Such a good example of what SW models could be. instead of say, this.
Nice use of tiles that came with the set, and the color is spot-on.

Now I'm not by any means a big fan of trains, but these were so nice I had to put

Returning to that christmas theme we were talking about this is a nice one.
And last but far from least, this beauty. Two words for this. Either: F***ing awesome. Or: I want.
TAke time to browse all of this foldr. It has sopme awesome stuff in it.
Title courtesy of Brickfrenzy aka Adrian Drake.

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