Friday, December 22, 2006

Major Props to some Peoples.

Well well well. I do seem to going crazy with this whol blogging thing. And there's less and less LEGO related news too.
I promise, that will change after the holidays. MOC production should be back up to normal, and I'll be busier (=less time to ramble)
But until then, bare with me.

I'd like to point out several people who make blogging so much fun.

Linus Bohman-Loyal reader since day 1. Or was it day 2?
Lukas WP-Great blogger, good builder, fun guy.
Andrew B-Awesome blogger, king of the fig making, and very nice.
Brenden Wilson-Inspired me to start blogging with his awesome blog.
Tom Buckland-pointed out Snoikle on his blog early on, making him awesome as well.

And of course, anyone who ever reads, and/or enjoys Snoikle. Thanks x infinity.

There are other people, but they shall remain unnamed as of now.

And new to the links list this week, Tom's Ramblings of the Obsessive, and Imperial Inspection.


Dunechaser said...

Snoikle has grown up quite nicely over the last six months or so. Keep up the great work!

Red Baron said...

Snoikle's always a great read. And plus, it's name is Snoikle. I mean, WTF, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Snoikle. OK. Now I started with the word Snoikle like everyone else, so I can say what I want.

I always look forward to good snoikling from you. I like reading your writing, I don't know, it's just easy to read. Not too official sounding, but not too casual. Not too long-winded, but not too short.

OK, so I like Snoikle. I'll stop rambling now.


Dez said...

In case you haven't guessed already, Snoikle is all about rambling. ;-)