Friday, November 17, 2006

Piano Man

Ah, another day, some more MOCs, another B-day. This time it's my little sister. She turned 13, amking all three of us teenagers. (poor mom) But anyway, we shall now begin what I like to call blogging.

Now you all remember Tim Gould. Of course you do. I blogged him last time. I used to think I had more free time than any of the active members of CSF. And yet, I haven't build in over a week, and he's putting out MOCs left and right. But his Pod was just way to much fun to pass up.
It reminds me a great deal of Soren's Ball. Yet there's enough difference that it's not a rip-off. The colors are this thing's main attraction. White, orange, black and trans light blue all come into play, with stunning results.
Of course, the main reason I blogged it was the secondary color.
Tim mentioned on CSF that he needs a dark background for such MOCs. Which is true.

Here's something Gil pointed out this morning. He thinks it looks like my stuff. Which, is also true.
I have to admit to liking it. I wish the owner had taken better pictures but then, black is a PITA to photograph.

izzo builds cool stuff on a regular basis, therefor, blogging his stuff just seems natural.

T-T-T-That's a-all folks!
Musical Influence: Billy Joel


Gambort said...

Thanks for the blogs. If you want to see the best pod ever go here.

Dez said...

Dang. Dat dere is a nice pod.