Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Blame Lukas

It's his fault I blog so many mechs these days. But I wanted to point out this little beaut from B-Shelf user sugegasa. The guns are pretty cool and I like the use of those slopes for feet. Pretty nice little mech.

And hey look, Kyle Vrieze built another mech. Damn the man. This was gonna be a simple post.
Inspired by the game "Chrome Hounds" (the same game that inspired Nick's Longbow) this thing is so freaking awesome. I haven't had time to browse all the pics, but I can tell you right now my three favorite things about it. Colors, treads, gatling gun.
Check it out.


Lukas said...


I almost blogged that sugegasa thing! We're blogging buddies : D

Dez said...

*giggle* hence me blaming you for this mecha kick I'm on. But really, it's a blast blogging with you.