Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Man, last night I was sick. I felt like my back was broken, my head was gonna explode, and I was gonna throw-up. All at the same time. I think it may have just been exhaustion.
But anyway, I'm feeling much better this morning, and ready too jump back into blogging.
It's one heck of a day today. Life as it is is progressing as "usual" but it's super awesomely foggy outside. Most of it's burning off by now, but here's a pic too show you what it was like.
Ever had your foot fall asleep while you were blogging? didn't think so.

We start things off with izzo's Industrial-09. A very nice robot/mech. What I love about izzo's work is how clean everything always feels. I think it's partially the lighting and the photography.
I like the "eyes" on this. Half stud offsets work rather well. The wheels are other cool aspect of it. The big un in back counter-balances the four little up front nicely. The arms are pretty cool too.
It makes you wonder really, who izzo is.

B-Shelf user joe46410 built something for the Classic Castle Contest
A nice little fort used by the woodlanders. Cute little model.Link

Huh, I was sure there was something I wanted to mention this time around. Ah well.

Musical Influence: Will Smith

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