Sunday, November 26, 2006

Parents Just Don't Understand

OMFG. It's been three whole days since I Snoikled! So my life has been on a up-n-down spree lately. On the upside, I finally got a computer I can play NFS Most Wanted on. Awesomeness.
I'd rant on about the downside of my life, but hey look. See that thing under the title? It mentions LEGO.
So without futher ado,here's some things I've seen lately.
Haha. I'm going about this post just like Lukas did on his last post. Talk about similar styles.

One of those ZAKU type things
A cool tractor.
A cool house thingy

NFSMW is a sweet game. I'm #14 on the blacklist currently. Anyone else played it?

Musical Influence: Will Smith

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