Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

From the builder of the Enola Gray, the Espoir de Lyons and one of my all time favorite fighters, the Rapier.
Comes another sweet little fighter, the Lightning. (awesome name) It's wonderfully swooshable, beautifully detailed, and and in general, just plain cool.
I like the the nose in particular. Those "cheese slopes" are proving more and more useful all the time.
Another thing I like is the cannon. Looks slightly leathal.
The lightning bolts on the wings are sweet. Just the right touch of color. (un-color maybe?)
Okay, I've raved about this thing long enough. On to something else.

Another yellow ship popped up over the past few days.
Mike Yoder returns as the "King of Micro" with his Destroyer class frigate. Mike is in a horrific situation at the moment.
He and his girlfriend moved away from their old city or something (no, that's not the worst part) and he has a limted amount of LEGO right now. Off-hand, I'd say he's doing pretty well with them.
Detail is hard to do on micro scale ships, but he pulls it off pretty well.
I love the bridge, and numerous weapons scattered across the ship. Nice work there.

And now, a little something I stole from fellow blogger Lukas
My First ever RLOSIDWTTA!!
squieu's ExOS-04
Memory's People's Fighter
B-Shelf user hiratetsu's cool train
Count's crabby Lobster type stuff
Man,it's a blast blogging along with guys like Lukas and Linus. Just to let you know guys. :-D

Musical Influence: The Beatles. (yeah, like you didn't know that)


Lukas said...

SKILL! We rock so bad it's not even funny. : P

Lukas said...

Ohmygod, a squieu MOC I totally missed.

Lukas said...

Oh, don't forget to edit your "layout" to include the list of labels that you have.

Dez said...

Wow, I was wondering how this post got three comments without me noticing. ;-) In order:
Shame on you.
Will be included in the next update.