Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Angel of Harlem

Oh look, Moko built again. And being the good little blogger that I am, I had to blog it. HIs Walker mech is really tight.
It just flows together. The shape aren't as seperate as a lot of mechs,
I love the use of car fenders around the arm, and the cheese slopes as toes.
It shares a lot of the same design elements as his other mechs, but I think this one may be my favorite. Clean, tight, and actually quite poerful looking, this is definatly one of my favorite mechs yet.

And B-Shelf user BJ-123456 built a nice little mech
The weapons are the cool part really, I'm not so impressed by the rest of it. Needs another color for some highlights.

Lesse..... Ah yes, Moko also built this cute little flying machine thingy.
It's cool cause it look like it really could fly. Like helicoptor without the shell around the workings and the comfy seats. ;-)

And, god damn. What is this man's problem? He built this cool walker mech. I love the gun on the back. The legs look like they could stand to be beefed up some though.

Tim Gould returns to Snoikle with this little mech (what the hey? I wasn't planning on blogging a bunch of mechs today)
It's nice enough in it's own right. Black and tan work well together for once. The legs are nice and heavy set, makes it look like it could just kinda step on soilders.
Now I don't know if Tim always could build like this or if he's improved in leaps and bounds over the past year. Cause he's building some crazy cool stuff compared to the MOCs he put out at first.

I was planning on blogging some space ships this time around. Turns out there isn't really anything out there. Ah well, maybe next time.

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Lukas said...

But all those moko mocs (except the first) are over a year old!!

*rollseyes* at non-Moko fanboy

Dez said...

In the words of Dunechaser "One more reason to dislike Brickshelf"

*rollseyes* at Moko fanboy