Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Over It

So way back when, Nick Dean built a SHIP. Then he didn't take pictures. Then everyone rioted. Well, at least several folks were disapointed. So now he gives us pictures.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls (the MIB are back to protect the world) I give you the CMC-47 Kestrel!

I mostly love this for A) the shape. Sleek and streamlined, but with nice angles and corners. And B) the weapons. That turret up front is h0t. Also worth mention is Nick's new blog. Review'd. Hasn't been around long and he already has bashed SS, reveiwed the new Bond movie, and posted a MOC. Looks like a helthy start. It's also a trend now. Lukas started Builder's Block only to lose interest. Then v2 came along and he's going strong. Then I made Dez's Lego Blog, or something like that. And it failed. But of course, that one night, setbot uttered the imortal word "Snoikle" and I was inspired. Seven months and still running strong. Nick had BrickNick. But that never really took off. Review'd shows promise. The trick has been I think, to not just foucs on LEGO. We all post thoughts on music, games, cool websites, our lives in general, and occasionally plain 'ole bullcrap. But anyway, check out his SHIP, leave comments, start your own fanboy blog, start the first Snoikle fan-club, whatever.
Musical Influence: Ok Go


Nick said...

Yay me!

Nick said...

Yay me!

Red Baron said...

And I of course, continued to kick ass from the beginning. Hah, I kid. Awesome blog Nick, finally somebody has said what everybody was thinking. Out of morbid curiosity, how did Justin even find your blog?

Dez said...

Well of course you did Brenden. It must be a one of them canadanian things. ;-)