Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Jack aka Here's Looking at you Jonesy

Last night jonesy said he was writing a post for his blog. Whether you believe that is up to you. However, in honor of this rare and lusterious event, I said I'd dedicate my next post to him.

There's several nice things I wanted to bring to your attention.
Such as this bus by a builder I almost had forgotten about. MasahiroYanagi.
He has some of the coolest MOCs ever.
Anyway, the reason I love this thing should be obvious. if not, go [insert jonesy/Soren insult here]

B-Shelf user Sajuuk (goes by the same name on CSF) first proved himself to be one of those troublesome newbies. He made nonsense posts, insulted a few poeple, mutated the laws of physics, ect.ect.
He's starting to fit in now. he's calmed down a bit and took some better pics of a fairly decent fighter.
It's not really all that amazing, but the shapes are nice, the details stand out and the size if farr from your standard size fighter.
I see this guy building some pretty cool stuff in the future.

The reason I had to blog was this castle.
So very cool. It's almost enough to make me break down and order enough grey to build castle again.

Ah yes, Soren's new mech. My main reason for loving it is the sheer amount of dk gray. God, how i miss that color.

Anything I missed? Didn't think so. If there was, Brenden, Tom, Lukas or Linus will get it I'm sure. ;-)

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dayum straight.